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Outdoor Party Lights

Outdoor Party Lights
A twinkling array of lights can jazz up any party. So, for all those people who are planning an outdoor party, here is a rundown on the various outdoor party lights available.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Aug 16, 2018
The beauty of your patio or garden lit up by thousands of shimmering lights, is unlike any other. Subtle or bold, twinkly or dim, outdoor lights can spice up your porch or backyard. They are used in a variety of occasions, be it a Valentine's day party or a birthday bash.
You can create a spectacular and lasting impression on your guests with those beautiful fairy lights or the durable rope lights. Moreover, these lights are an inexpensive way to decorate a party venue.
In fact, these outdoor lights come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. The thumb rule is to have the outdoor lighting in sync with the overall outdoor decoration.
Types of Outdoor Party Lights
The style of the party light fixtures that you choose, will depend on the type of outdoor party you are hosting. While there are a range of designs and shapes available, most of the strings come in a range of standard lengths, which is up to a hundred feet, with the lights spaced around twelve inches apart.
Fairy Lights
Light wrapped tree at Twilight
Although it can be used indoors, outdoor fairy lights can transform a typical scene into a twinkling array of lights. Decorate a tree or a building with fairy lights to create a stunning look for your party.
Christmas Lights
For a decorative look, try the flower fairy lights which are available in different colors and string lengths.
String Lights
String Lights
Connectable string lights are ideal for dressing trees and various other parts of your garden, such as pergolas and trellises. There are a wide variety of string lights available, from the chilli string lights to the beautiful flower string lights.
For a more whimsical look, try the colorful set of strings lights shaped as beaded dragonflys or dinosaurs, to decorate a birthday party venue.
Net Lights
The net lights are easy option for decorating the outdoor space. Just drape them around the bushes or hang them on other outdoor features for a great look.
Available in a variety of colors and sizes, these net lights can be made to suit any party theme. The tiny icicles of bulbs provide a professional effect with a minimalistic effort.
Curtain Lights
Blue curtain with lights
Create a "wall of light" effect with curtain lights. Ideal for weddings and commercial malls, curtain lights are made with strands of mini-lights plugged into a light bar. You can use varying lengths or twinkling sets for a unique look.
Rope Lights
Led shining diode lights
Durable and flexible, LED rope lights are available in a variety of colors for creating that instant party ambiance. Ideal for outdoor party use, these lights can be wrapped around tree trunks for that candy cane effect.
light up canopies and outdoor bar
Alternately, light up canopies and outdoor bar areas with colorful rope lights. The flexibility and the ease of use make rope lights the most popular outdoor party lights.
Candle Lanterns
Romantic candle decoration on the summer grass
There are many types of outdoor candle lanterns available in all sorts of shapes and patterns.
The most popular among them being the Asian silk paper lanterns and the lanterns made of brass or glass. Most of these lanterns are made to hang from gutters, tree branches, or table umbrellas.
Animals and Figures
Christmas decoration at night
Lighted animals and figures can make for great garden centerpieces with their unique designs. So, choose a swan sculpture or reindeer figures to decorate your outdoor space for a party.
Most of these party lights are available in the lighting stores or the lighting departments in major home stores. Plan your lighting scheme in advance and make sure that it gels with your party theme, for creating a great look.