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Pajama Party Invitations

Impressive Invitations for Your Kid's Fun-filled Pajama Party

Planning to host a pajama party for your son or daughter? You might need some creative inspiration for the pajama party invitations. Read on to find ideas and wordings for your son/daughter's special party.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018
Innovative invitations for pajama parties help set the entire mood for the mischievous night. Although there won't be any dressing up to do for this event, as pajama parties, often known as slumber parties will be attended by kids. Regardless of the age, a pajama party gives boys a chance to be naughty and wild from the comforts of their home (plus you can keep an eye on them, in case it gets out of hand). Girls are an altogether different case; they will get involved in painting their nails, talking about cute boys, braiding their hair, singing songs, doing their hair and makeup, and watching movies. Despite what you choose to provide at the party, movies, games, food, and much more, the main idea is to let kids have their fun.
Party Invitations for Kids
Pajama party, sleepover party, or slumber party, no matter what you call them, they are always a blast. The time flies so quickly. The slumber party invitations are pretty much a dead giveaway, as to what the kids should bring with them for the party and what to expect at the venue. Take a look at different wordings mentioned below that might just come in handy for your son/daughter's party. A card doesn't have to be plain and boring, you know!
Slumber Party
Get ready for a fun filled night
filled with girl talk and pillow fights.

Pizza, a movie
a fun pillow fight
make up and girl talk,
all through the Halloween night!!

(Date and time of the party)

(Your complete address)

RSVP (By date and phone number)
Pillow Fight
(Kid's name) is having a Birthday sleepover!!

Please join us to celebrate (name) 10/12/14th Birthday!

(Date and time of the pajama party)
(Your complete address)

Please bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and PJs!!

RSVP by (Date and phone number)
Teen Girls at Sleepover
NO boys allowed!!!

I'm having a Christmas pajama party.
Come over, let's celebrate!

We'll paint our nails and do our hair...
and stay up till it's late.
Have some delicious food....
and have a pillow fight!

(Date and time of the party)

(Your complete address)
RSVP (Date and phone number)
Young Girls at Pajama Party
A pajama party that's packed with fun...
movies, games, and treats for everyone!

It's (kid's name) Birthday!

Drop off (Date and time of the party)
Pickup (Date and time)
(Your complete address)
RSVP by (Date, phone number, or email address)

Don't forget your favorite PJs, pillow, and a blanket!
Young Boys at Pajama Party
How does a Pajama Party sound??
Fun, ain't it?

Then what are you waiting for...
You're invited to my super-awesome party.

Please bring a sleeping bag and pillow.
And don't forget to wear your Pjs.
(Date and time of the party)

(Your complete address)

RSVP (By date and phone number)
Young Girls at Pajama Party
You're invited to come and spend the night.
We'll have junk food, games and pillow fights!

Birthday Pajama Sleep Over Party
Honoring (kid's name) 13th Birthday!

(Date and time of the party)
(Your complete address)

Please bring a sleeping bag and pillow.
And don't forget to wear your Pjs.

RSVP by (Date and phone number)
Other Pajama Party Invitation Ideas
Avoid buying pre-furnished store-bought party invitations. Why not make the cards by yourself and involve your son/daughter as well. He/she can give you ideas for a fun party their friends are looking for and save you some time in thinking about several ideas. Remember, the sleepover party invitations should be a reflection of the theme of your party.
  • Action movie party
  • Girlie party
  • Treasure hunt party
  • Halloween costumes party
  • Valentine's Day party (girls only)
Purchase colorful and various shapes of the invitation cards to fill out. You can get printouts of some cute and adorable graphics to stick on the cards as well. Or better yet, print the picture from the previous party and send the invitations to remind them how much fun they had before. Spend the entire day with your kids to finalize all the details of the party and make it a big success.