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Best Party Centerpiece Ideas

Mayuri Kulkarni Oct 23, 2018
Looking for some easy party centerpiece ideas? Here are some wonderful ideas for making party centerpieces.
Centerpieces are wonderful decorative items that add beauty to the party arena. These can be made out of number of things like flowers, balloons, candles or even a combination of all the materials. A centerpiece used for a party should complement the type of the party or theme, if any.
These centerpieces help to set the mood in the party and add a nice touch to the party decoration. Look ahead and know some simple ideas for party centerpieces.

Ideas for Making Party Centerpieces

Birthday Party Centerpiece

Birthday parties are fun and you can experiment with various decoration ideas. Centerpieces for parties, depend on if it's a kid's or an adult's birthday party. Kids' birthday parties can have centerpieces made from toys, candies, cakes, etc.
For a candy centerpiece, use small pots or vases; either line them with ribbons or cover them entirely with foils. Then, write 'Happy Birthday' on it decorating the foil with glitter colors. Fill the candy holder with candies of various shapes and sizes and set two lollipops at the end of the candy holder.
Even toys arranged in creative manner, make good centerpiece ideas for kids birthday parties. Centerpieces made out of balloons held at the center of the table suit well for all types of birthday parties.
If it is an adult's birthday party, you can have flower and candle centerpieces. Milestone birthday parties like 40th or 50th birthday, require special centerpieces that will reflect the importance of the birthday.
So, you can have a tree centerpiece, with the numbers "40" or "50", hanging out of each of its branch. Or you can simply have a flower vase with specific number of flowers in it.
Floating aromatic candles with floating petals, are popular centerpieces for birthday parties. You can also use beautiful beads, pebbles, ribbons, etc. to prepare these birthday centerpieces.

Dinner Party Centerpiece

When it comes to decorating the dinner party table with centerpieces, there are number of ideas available. You can have edible centerpieces of fruits and vegetables or simple centerpieces with flowers and candles.
It is necessary that the centerpiece used for the dinner party complements the nature of the dinner party. Some dinner parties can be formal and hence require simple and decent centerpieces like tall candles placed on artistic candle holders.
For Christmas dinner parties, you can use festive decorative items like jingle bells and pine cones. Also make a note that dinner party centerpieces should not be too tall. Else the guests will not be able to see the other guests across the table.
Do not make use of flowers with strong fragrance and long stems, this can cause too much of aroma and interrupt the guests while eating. The centerpiece should blend well with the dinner table accessories like the table cloth, napkins, etc.

Engagement Party Centerpiece

Engagement is an occasion where a couple decides to spend rest of their lives together. To make the event more memorable, it is necessary that the engagement centerpieces are romantic and elegant.
Displaying the memories of the couple, is a wonderful centerpiece idea for engagement party. You can search for some nice photographs of the couple and use beautiful decorative frames for displaying them. Use flower vases that have frames to hold pictures in them.
Put exotic flowers like red roses and lilies in these vases and lit aromatic candles beside the vase. Glass vases look very simple yet elegant for engagement party centerpieces.
You can use tall vases and set flowers in them, decorated with baby's breath and other decorative materials. Even heart shaped balloons tied with red or pink colored ribbons along the vase, make good engagement centerpiece ideas.
These were some simple party centerpiece ideas for you. Try using these ideas and also come up with your innovative ideas and have a splendid decoration of your party venue. Good Luck!