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Awesome Party Entertainment Ideas

Sujata Iyer Oct 23, 2018
The thing about parties is they are as good or as bad as the provision for entertainment made for them. If a party does not have anything fun and interesting to do, then it's merely a meeting of people. We will give you some ideas to ensure that your party is not drab and boring.
Have you ever been to a party where you hardly knew anyone, but yet managed to have a whole lot of fun? If you have, then it's simply because the host or hostess of the party did one heck of a job of planning the entertainment for the party.
They took care to see that the activities that were planned were suitable to everyone attending it and that's why it turned out to be such a major hit. Many of us tend to underestimate the need to plan the entertainment for a party.
We take care of the food, the decoration and the venue and conveniently ignore the aspect of entertainment. We take it for granted that since it is a party, people are bound to have fun.
That's where we make a big mistake. We will give you some ideas on how you can plan out the entertainment facet of your party to make sure it's a roaring success.

Ideas for Entertainment at a Party

People come to a party expecting to have fun. They also expect the host or hostess to direct them towards said fun. If they go to a party and just watch people sitting around doing nothing, it's bound to create an impression that is dull and stop them from being enthusiastic.
So, coming up with entertainment ideas is the only way out of a possible similar situation. The sections here to give an idea of how you can bring in some fun and frolic to your party.


Using games, funny as well as competitive, is one of the best ways to entertain kids. When you have a room or house full of kids, the best way to avoid any major disaster and mayhem is to keep them all occupied in some interesting games.
There is a wide variety of games that you can choose from that will keep the kids engaged and away from trouble.
As far as games for kids are concerned, you can try the typical Simon Says, Red Letter, Blind Man's Bluff, Follow the Leader, Hopscotch, Tail the Donkey, etc., or come up with some interesting and innovative games on your own.
For adults, there can be slightly more evolved games like trivia quizzes, Pictionary, Twister, Poker, Truth or Dare, etc. The aim is to make sure that everyone has a good time. So keep that in mind and ensure that the games you select are acceptable by all.


Another fun way to keep the party from turning into a boring one is to have some sort of competition in it. You can set a theme for the party and have people dress up according to the theme.
Ask them all to get up on a makeshift stage and say something about what they're wearing, kind of like a fancy dress.
You can also have some music and dance and then have someone judge who gets to win the 'best dancer' award.
You can have a treasure hunt planned and divide the people into groups and give a prize to the team that wins.
Another competition that you can hold can be based on creative arts. Have the guests explore their creative side with some painting, drawing, sketching, coloring and other such activities.


Try different kinds of shows at a party for entertainment.
It could be a movie screening, a laser show, a cartoon series, a musical fountain, a dance performance, a singing performance or any other such performances that people will have a good time watching. Keep them upbeat and lively, or else your guests won't really enjoy them.
You can keep the music and singing as a background form of entertainment and organize a special time slot for the others so that they get the undivided attention of the guests.

Hired Artists

Hiring people to perform or keep guests entertained is a common practice and quite a practical one too.
Instead of trying to come up with ideas to entertain people, you can hire a professional entertainer who will know how to handle the guests.
A magician, a tarot card reader, a juggler, a clown, cartoon characters, superheroes, tattoo artists, movie characters, mimes, fortune tellers, face painters, etc. are some of the artists that you can hire for entertainment.
There are so many kinds of artists that you can hire who will know how to give the audience a good time and also do it very professionally.

Crafts and Food

This is an idea to involve everyone at the party. What you can do is, divide the party area into two. One area for crafts and one area for food. People can go to whichever section they feel like.
If they go to the food section, they have to prepare a food item, with the help of the ingredients that you will place there. Make sure it's something easy like a sandwich, a burger, etc. Nothing very elaborate and time consuming. This food can then be eaten by all at the party and can be judged.
The people in the crafts section can make different craft objects with the material provided and these can be used as party decorations when they are ready.


What's a party without some song and dance, right? Get yourself a karaoke machine, or rent one for the occasion. Make sure the music is something that everyone can identify with.
This will depend on the age and gender of the people attending the party. Get your guests to sing to the lyrics and watch everyone enjoy. People might be shy when it comes to exhibiting their vocal talents, so be a sport and you can begin the streak.
When it comes to a party, entertainment is a must. That is what distinguishes it from a gathering of people. How else will it be a party? So make sure you come up with some really good ideas so that your party turns out to be one that is remembered for a long long time.
You can either use the ideas mentioned here or come up with some really creative ones on your own. Just remember that the aim is to have fun and you definitely will.