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Impeccable Party Favor Ideas Every Invitee Will Praise You For

Party Favor Ideas
Party favor ideas are sometimes difficult to come up with. Here are few ideas, so that you can pick one that suits your budget and the occasion.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Your guests are the life of the party. A party without them is simply unimaginable. Since, your guests are the ones who make your party rock, you have to be thankful to them. This is why you need to come up with unique party favor ideas, that will show them your heartfelt gratitude. The biggest problem while coming up with party favors is that they most often don't fit your budget. Since, hosting a party is in itself making a hole in your pocket, you need to think of party favors that are affordable and exquisite. Here are a few ideas that will help you thank your guests in the most special way.
For Kids
As a parent you most often (once a year) need to come up with birthday party favors. Pencils, erasers, fancy sharpeners, colors, drawing books, cartoon stickers, water bottles, hair-bands, balloons, picture books, brooches, playing cards, napkins, and CDs make excellent party favor for kids. Above listed items are the best options, as they can be useful and don't have to be trashed as unusable decorative items.
For Adults
The best way to think of party favors for adults, is to look for options that go with the theme. If it's an adult corporate party, then pens, notepads, diaries, pen stands, paperweights and other stationery items are best gifts. If it's a casual party, then velvet pouches, tiny boxes of chocolates, a small spa item, candles, and coasters are brilliant options. Dried flowers, potpourri, scented bags, cane baskets, origami jewelry boxes, earrings, and mobile stands are some more options for adult party favors.
For Baby Shower
Baby shower gifts have to be well thought over. If your guests can think of your needs, the least you can do is thank them in the proper way. A set of aromatic candles, essential oils (if they fit your budget), napkins, coasters for home and office use, photo frames, baby themed key chains, chocolates, cookies, and small clutches are make great party favors for baby showers.
For Adult Birthday Party
Since it is an adult birthday party in question, you've got to think a little differently. Liqueur chocolates, kitchen equipment, wine openers, books, gifts vouchers, cufflinks, brooches, clothes, CD holders, good luck charms, and wine bottles make good party favors for adult birthday parties.
For Weddings
Tastefully selected wedding favors are a tradition. It's a way of saying thanks to all those who were a part of your happiness on your special day. Cookie jars (filled with exotic cookies), photo frames, shot glasses, kitchen magnets, bookends, bookmarks, cosmetics, car accessories, and bath candles are some of the ideas as party favors.
Make sure that these party favors are wrapped in elegant gift papers, tied in perfect bows, and kept in classy gif bags. A well presented gift sets the right mood and brings a smile on the receiver's face, which is the prime motto of gifting.
Beautiful handmade candles in shell shape
silver cufflinks with crystal inset
Luxury gift
Back To School Supplies
Yellow Handbag
Antique Mirror
Christmas basket of cranberry bar
Various Colored Pencils In Jar
Analog Wristwatch With Turtle Shell Band