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Ideas for Party Games

Gaynor Borade Apr 17, 2019
Party time is fun time and always welcome. However, for the host, organizing a successful party also means finding ways and means to ensure interaction between all guests and never letting the fun time end!
There are abundant ideas that germinate in the furrows of the mind to spruce up an occasion, but it is important for the organizer to ensure the application of certain tried and tested essentials.
A successful game leader or the host should first and foremost establish a way to get the attention of the group. He/she could use a whistle, bell, or a hooter. It is necessary that prior to initiating a game, the organizer should be standing in a place where everyone can see him/her.
Involve your guests; let them help you in passing around the required material or collecting resources. Groups cooperate better when the party activities move easily from game to game. You could begin with a few 'sitting' games and allow your guests to settle in before you announce activities that require movement.

Treasure Hunt

Good-old treasure hunt is an all-time party favorite. It requires prior planning and the 'treasures' need to be kept in place before the guests arrive.
Divide your guests into teams, depending on the number of guests at the party. The clues to lead them towards the treasure should be scattered all over the venue. This game is most enjoyable outdoors and if the weather permits, the larger the area- more the fun and involvement.
The clues should be designed in a way, that each clue leads to the next and thus forms a link in the trail towards a treasure. The treasure could be anything- a food hamper or party favors.

String Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt can also be played in the revised 'String Treasure Hunt' form. You can use colored wool or a string and wind the length all through and around the furniture and settings at the venue, inside and outside, upstairs and downstairs, over and under!
The team members have to wind the wool or string as they hurry towards the 'treasure' at the end of the roll. You can use different colored string or wool for the different teams.
Scavenger hunts are a lot of fun, too. You can improvise on variations and ideas and create clues that will appeal to the guests. You can play a Video Scavenger Hunt, where the players are caught on tape, or the Picture Scavenger Hunt, to capture the crazy things on their lists.

Ice Breaker

This is a great game that really ends up as an icebreaker. The guests should be seated in a circle, such that there are no gaps. A special guest should be seated in the center to give the mail calls- for example, 'Mail Call for everyone who is wearing blue'.
People wearing blue then switch places with others like them, and this enables the entire group to sit next to one another, enjoy a joke or two, and move about at some time or the other. The rule is that the players cannot continue sitting in a particular place for long.
To ensure this, person issuing the mail calls should be alert. You can plan mail calls for people who have dogs, love candies, wear braces, or hate cooking. A little research on your guest list will help you in the endeavor.

Honey If You Love Me

This fun game is also a great icebreaker. The guests are again seated in a circle, and there is a person in the center. The person in the center can go up to anyone in the circle and say, 'Honey, if you love me, please scratch your nose for me'.
The person addressed has to say, 'Honey, you know I love you, but I just can't scratch my nose'. The person in the middle can do anything to make the other person scratch his/her nose, except touch the person. You can use funny variations to make the 'can't smile' smile and the 'can't talk', talk.


In this game, organize a duo or trio to sit back to back, preferably on the floor. The participants need to bend their knees and link elbows. They are supposed to stand up, without falling or faltering, on the count of three. You could have a trial round before the main command.
So, have a good roundup of games ready for your party now? We are sure that with the fun games and good food, everyone will have a great time!