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Crazily Awesome Games for Boys to Totally Smash Up the Party!

Party Games for Boys
What fun is a bash without any recreation? So, check out these cool party games for boys if you are planning a surprise for your kid and his friends.
Pankaj Chobharkar
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Any kind of a party is incomplete without games. Not only kids, but adults too enjoy this form of recreation. Everything about it is exciting and enjoyable: the screaming, the competition, winning, and the prizes. However, it is very hard sometimes to find good and creative ideas, as boys always seem to want something new and thrilling. Some great ideas will simply rock the party and everyone will enjoy. In this article, we will check out some of the coolest activities for boys' parties. You can choose any of these based on the theme of the bash and also the age group of the children.
For Birthdays
Treasure Hunt
This is a classic game played at birthdays. It is enjoyed a lot by kids of all ages. The only thing is that it needs some prior preparation. But, once you are ready with the preparations, the game can last for most of the duration of your bash. Also, it can be easily played inside the house as well as outside. The preparations include making clues that will lead the boys toward the treasure. This has to be done carefully, because if they find the treasure too soon, it will not be fun. The clues have to be challenging and yet solvable with some thought. Next thing is hiding the clues properly in places where no one would find them before the party. With some brainstorming, you can get some great ideas for scavenger hunts. Just don't make it too difficult.
Musical Chairs
This is another game which is very common and popular at parties. You simply have to keep some chairs in a line with alternate chairs facing opposite directions. If there are more kids than chairs, then divide them into two or three groups. If you have five chairs lined up, only six kids can play at a time. The children are supposed to walk around the chairs without breaking the line while some music is being played. When the music stops, everyone should try to sit on the chair nearest to them. As there are five chairs and six kids, one of them will not get a chair. Keep removing one chair each time so that the same keeps happening. The game continues till only one guy is left, and he wins the game.
This is the simplest game of all. You have to just fill up a pinata, and suspend it from the ceiling. Now, every kid can take it in turns to hit the pinata with a blindfold on his eyes. However, there can be some mishaps in this game if you are not careful. First of all, the bat or stick that you are going to use should be lightweight and preferably made of plastic. Also, ensure that all the other kids are at a safe distance from the kid who is going to hit.
For Pool Parties
If it's going to be a pool party, you have many more options. Read through the following list to get some ideas.
Shark Attack
It's a simple game that can be played in the pool. Here, one kid can be the shark, and the rest of them have to try to escape the shark by swimming away. To make it more fun, you can make a shark fin from plastic or cardboard, and the kid playing the shark can wear it before chasing the other kids.
Bat the Balloon
A simple balloon filled with air is tossed amongst the kids while they are in the pool. They have to just bat the balloon with their hands and not let it fall on the water. This can be fun. However, if there are more kids than the pool can hold, then it is advisable not to play the game, as there can be injuries with so many kids in the pool. Another balloon game that you can play is water balloon war.
Find the Coin
This is a simple game in which you throw a coin or any other small object into the pool, and kids can go in groups to find that object from the water. But if the kids are small, use a tennis ball or something of that size instead of a coin. Also, make sure that the game is supervised by an adult all the time, and that you follow swimming pool safety rules.
Hope you have found something useful from the above list of party games for your little boy's surprise bash. Whatever game you choose, make sure that it is supervised by an adult at all times lest there be fighting or injuries.
Boy at party hitting pinata with stick
Children Playing Musical Chairs
Kids playing with birthday pinata
Boy At Party Hitting Pinata
Pinata at children's birthday party
Pinata Ready For Battle
Colorful Pinata
Traditional Colorful Pinata Craft
Colorful pinata donkey
Donkey Pinata