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Fun Game Ideas to Have a Million Laughs at Your Kids' Party

Fun Party Game Ideas for Kids
Organizing party games for kids is not a difficult job at all. All you need are just a few things that you can easily find lying around in your house, and some ingenuity. Here are a few ideas to choose from.
Indrajit Deshmukh
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Party games act as an ice breaker in a social gathering. It gives people a chance to mingle with others they don't know. Whether it's to kick-start a party or conclude it, playing a game is always a thrilling and favorite thing to do for guests. When it comes to kids, that feeling of excitement is no different. If you are planning an outdoor party, here are some fun game suggestions that you can give a try.
Net a Prize
You will need a table, gift-wrapped prizes, and a throwing ring. Place the table in the middle of a room or the backyard. Arrange the gifts on it at a comfortable distance from the contestants. Now, mark a line a few feet away from the table; this will be the throwing line. Hand the ring to each kid and instruct them to aim the ring at a gift. If they manage to throw the ring correctly, they get to keep the item it lands on. The gifts can be small things like a beautifully wrapped chocolate bar or a wind up toy.
Balloon Filling
Divide the kids into pairs and ask them to pick an alphabet for their team. Draw the alphabet on the ground and ask the teams to stand near their respective alphabets. You will need lots of balloons and some adhesive tape for this game. The rules are simple; one team member must inflate a balloon and hand it over to another member who will have to stick it on the alphabet. This will be a time trial game; the team that sticks the maximum number of balloons on their alphabet in the stipulated time, wins. Team members can take turns to inflate the balloons and stick it on the alphabet.
Obstacle Race
You will need some empty sacks, chairs, and an open space, for this game. Split the kids into pairs and give each group a sack. Now, ask the pairs to line up. Instruct the teams to put the opposite of their teammate's foot into the sack, that is, member one uses his left foot, and member two uses his right foot. To add a twist to this game, arrange the chairs around the racetrack. Kids will have to hop around them to reach the finish line.
Hole in One
For this game you will need a hula hoop and a few rubber balls. Divide the kids into two teams and give each team the same number of balls. Make them stand on the opposite ends of a pool. Place the hula hoop in the center of the pool, right between the two teams. The aim is to throw all the balls thorough the hula hoop; the first team that runs out of balls, wins.
Balloons and Dart
Young children taking part in a sack race
Multi color plastic bangles