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Innocent and Fun-filled Party Games to Keep Your Toddlers Engaged

Party Games For Toddlers
Kids are bound to enjoy every party if it includes fun-filled activities and games. Wondering which games to choose? Read the following article.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
When it comes to planning birthday parties, kids look forward to only two things - gifts and games. So ensure you do not let any kid down and come up with a set of well-planned games for a rocking party. Let's get to know the list of several games you can choose from.
London Bridge: Two kids become the rising towers of the London bridge. They join hands and raise it like an arch. Make rest of the kids walk under the bridge, all of them singing the famous London Bridge is Falling Down rhyme. When the toddlers sing the verse "My fair lady", the towers drop the arch and trap someone. The trapped kid replaces the person who has been standing in the arch the longest. There is no winner or loser in this game, the kids can play until they get tired.
Cat and Mouse: This game is a little similar to musical chairs. Play some music and the toddlers will have to make squeaky noises like a mouse. The moment you stop the music, the kids must be still and quiet as a mouse. Anyone who moves or makes any noise is caught by the cat which is you.
Toy Walk: This game is inspired from cakewalk, but the difference is instead of prizes you would be giving out small toys and chocolates. You will need to mark squares or circles with numbers or place animal pictures. Instruct all the kids to walk on the squares until the music stops, once they stop, pick out a name or a number from the jar and the name you picked gets a winning prize. Make sure you play long enough so that every kid wins something.
All Change: You need a lot of space to play this game. Instruct all the kids to form a circle. Now, you have to call out 2 names who have to run and try to change each other's places. As they are running to exchange their place, you have to try to catch the spot first that they have vacated, just don't try to be pushy.
Count the Pebbles: For children who have just learned to count, make them show their new skills. Make the children sit on the floor with their backs facing you and sit with an empty biscuit tin and drop pebbles one by one in it. After you have dropped all the pebbles. The kids have to try to count them and say the correct answer out loud. This can create chaos but you'll enjoy it.
Bean Bag Toss: Purchase small bean bags which are suitable for tossing, or create your own bean bag by filling beans in socks. Draw a Disney character on a cardboard slice, if you are drawing a Mickey Mouse, the character's mouth could be the hole. Place this decorative cardboard at least 10 feet away from the kids and make sure every one of them at least gets 4 chances to throw.
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