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Make Different Types of Party Hats to Get Everyone in the Element

Making Different Types of Party Hats
There are many different types of party hats you can make that can be used to add fun and enjoyment to the party.
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Party hats can make any party more festive, and if the children are allowed to make them, it just adds to the fun. There are various types of hats you can make, such as cone, crown, balloon, and pirate hats. When it comes to this craft, the possibilities for creative decorations are infinite.
Cone-Shaped Hats
Place a paper in the horizontal direction, and draw a semicircle on it with a compass. The size of the semicircle would depend on how big you want the hat to be. Cut the outlined shape from the paper, hold its two edges, and bring them together to make a cone shape. Use gum or staples to secure the edges together. Make two holes on both sides of the cone at approximately ¾ inch extending from the end towards the opening. Insert an elastic band through the holes, and tie the two ends of the elastic together. Ensure that the length of the elastic is appropriate so that the wearer can easily place it on the chin. Finally, add embellishments or tiny decorations to the party hat using gum. This technique can even serve as an art-and-craft exercise for the children in schools.
Toy Balloon Hats
The first step in making toy balloon hats is to take long balloons and inflate them with a pump until they are ¾th full. Secure two balloons together at their mouthpieces. For making the hat's rim, you need to measure a bit more than a foot down from each balloon, and gently twist them till they stay together. Secure a third balloon to the front mouthpieces, making a curve. The balloon is required to be allowed to run over the top, and then twist it again with the other two. The pieces projecting from the back need to be bent and secured to the base by twisting.
For getting a shaved-poodle look, you can try thrusting out a part of the air from the balloon. If you want to attach beads or balls to the hat, you can twist tiny fist-sized portions and attach them to the hat. To make it more attractive, you may add as many balloons as you want to the base. As the hats are to be placed on the head, you need to ensure an appropriate balance.
Pirate Hats
Another quick and simple party hats are the ones made using folded paper resembling pirate hats. These type of hats just need paper and a little bit of folding to make. Position a big rectangular sheet of paper on the table, with the longest side towards you. The next step would be folding the right side over to the left so that the corners line up and crinkle. Then turn the folded rectangular paper a quarter turn so that the free corners face towards you and the crinkled corner points away. Get the upper right edge over to the upper left edge and crinkle a bit at the center top. You need not entirely fold, as you have to reopen the rectangle again anyway. Now, set the paper in the way as it was following the first fold, and bring the top right edge over to the center so that the upper corner now rests along the center line and crinkle in a diagonal fold. Then, do the same for the left side. The end result will be a shape of a house. Now you need to fold one layer of the bottom corner in the upward direction over the triangular portion of the house. Finally, simply turn the project over and fold up the bottom part again. Decorate it as you want and enjoy the birthday party.
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