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These Party Pranks are So Hilarious, They'll Make Your Evening

Party Pranks
A party is happening somewhere and you need some great party pranks to play? Exactly those coming right up in the article that follows. Read to know what, where, how...
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
Which party would be complete without some goofing around? And what's the point of that goofing around if there were no pranks involved? If it's a kid party that you're planning, then you'll have arranged for the clowns, the ventriloquist or the magician... and yes, that right there is a perfect formula for a hit party. But here's what I suggest you do―try some party pranks for kids and you'll see the squeals of laughter and happiness fill the air! The party will be a hit and nothing after that can really stop it from being 'the best party ever' for the neighborhood kids.
Pranks for Kids
Coined Face
This is an easy one to do and maybe you've tried it before, but do it anyway. Remember Rachel's coin trick from the popular sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Exactly. Take a coin and circle around it a couple of times with a pencil. Then bet someone they can't roll the coin from their forehead till their chin in one go. Let's just say there will be a lot of kids at the party with a black line drawn across the face.
Tail the Donkey
Take a decoration string, put a sticking tape onto the end and stick it on a kid's back or butt. Watch as he/she walks unaware of the thing stuck behind them. Wait for them to find out and then try to stick it onto someone else.
Salty Drinks, Anyone?
This one's a mean trick, but it's a whole lot of fun as well. With the glasses of punch stacked neatly at the refreshment table, randomly pour a handful of salt in some of them and quietly observe the kids from a corner. Can you imagine the priceless expressions on their faces when they take a sip? Guffaw! Or you could also dip some candy pieces in edible castor oil and let them dry. Then let the unsuspecting victims pop a few and spit them right out.
Stuck Note
Take a dollar bill and punch it with a very thin string. Now let the bill lie around. Someone is bound to notice and lean down to pick it up. You know what to do next―pull it away! They'll try a second time and still the same result. Or what you could do is, when they bend down to pick the note, you could tear a piece of cloth giving the impression that they've split their pants. Oh the expressions.
Lather Me None
Coat the soap in the washroom with a layer of transparent nail polish and let it dry. Then watch the kids going in there trying to lather it up. Snigger, snigger.
Slumber Party Pranks
Reckless Whisper
Here's a great sleeping prank―when everyone goes off to bed, slowly wake up, go to their ears and start whispering gibberish in a slow voice, when you find them starting to stir, run to your bed and pretend to sleep. Watch them get up, look around and wonder what happened. It's soooo much fun. But make sure they don't catch you. You could try this again when they fall asleep and then hear them relate the scary incident the morning after. Or if they catch you awake, you can pretend the same thing happened to you. Pure evil joy!
Or you could paint your face really garish with bright colors and then wake a friend up and watch her freak out.
Scary Face
This one will take work and require a few skills. Draw a really, really scary face onto the mirror with washable pens or stick a scary picture there. Then while at the party, squirt juice or something harmless like that in someone's eye... apologize profusely, tell then to keep their eyes closed and lead them to the wash basin. Then wait back and watch the drama. This is what should happen. They wash their face and when they finally open their eyes, they'll come face to face with the scary mask. If you're lucky you'll get a scream out of them.
Come into My World
This one usually happens at all slumber parties―the ghost story session. But here's the twist, get a friend in on this one. Recreate the perfect setting. AC on full blast, lights off, torches on. Then get all your friends in a circle and start telling a really scary ghost story. Towards the end when your friends are completely into it, get a friend or parent to slowly place their hand on a girl/boy there or whisper slowly in their ear... it'll scare the daylights out of them and the subsequent scream will scare the others there. All in all, a good day!
Other Pranks
  • Get a lot of alarm clocks with really weird alarm buzzers. Then set them up for odd hours of the night and let them ring. Here's how you could put a twist to that. Zero in on a friend and tie her wrists up while she sleeps, then when the alarm clocks ring, watch the fun.
  • Pour shaving cream onto someone's palm while they sleep. Then tickle their nose and watch them splatter their face when they try to scratch it.
Wasn't that fun? I bet even if you didn't have a party planned, you'll want to plan one now so that you can try these really funny, scary, silly, mean party pranks.