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Fantastic Party Themes for Adults

Shrinivas Kanade Oct 6, 2018
Which of the new party themes are popular at present, and which ones are repeating themselves? You must be thinking about this if you are having a party for grownups and want some inputs to attract a crowd.
Partying is a grand way for the adults to get together, break away from the daily routines and restrengthening the social ties. Do you think, creative party themes that you infuse in your parties make them enjoyable and are the main attraction why folks await your invitation?
Employing innovative themes to make your parties more entertaining, is a way to cajole the child in all of us that yearns for the long forgotten and carefree times that were spent in the company of friends.

Creatively Planned Parties

There is no doubt that almost everyone going to a party do so, with the intention of enjoying it. However, intentions are not enough to set the party rocking and rolling. It is the well thought out party entertainment idea that focuses the attention of every guest on a cause, and stimulate their imagination.
Send party invitations to your friends and intimates and inform them about the theme. It can help to change the mental gears of stressed out friends and can really set the party on fire right from the word go. On their part, the same party idea will give them cues for the event. Here is a list of a few party ideas for adults which you may like to try.

Have a Hawaiian Luau Theme Based Party

The term 'Luau' means 'Feast'. As the name suggests, this party idea provides an opportunity to indulge in great fun and food.
Basically, a Hawaiian party is an outdoor event which your guests can make colorful by wearing the Hawaiian shirts, shorts, wide-brimmed hats and sandals. You should take pains at giving the party a tropical look.
Strategically mounted Tiki torches, carved candles set on the tables, coconuts, streamers and if possible, mounds of sands to sit on, can definitely set the place for the occasion. Tropical cocktails such as Daiquiris and iced tea for non-alcoholics etc., are a must to quench the thirst of the guests.
Your guests will wholeheartedly, welcome Hawaiian dishes such as poi, chicken rice and salmon (Lomi).
Also music, party favors and fun raising games are essential parts of an adult party. Presenting a silk flower leis while inviting your guest in will kick-start the event on a good note.

On a Life Raft

With this theme it is easy to host a lively and fun-filled adult party at your place. The idea is that the crew of a vessel have abandoned their ship and is planning their own rescue.
For the life raft, set a mat, a big couch or if you can manage, a bed in the middle of the party place (mostly, a swimming tank). The raft should accommodate atleast ten guests. Anybody can join the raft whenever they desire. All they have to do is listen, discuss, suggest and come with unique ideas, comments, appropriate song or speech at the moment.
To create the feel of the sea, create the effect of waves, if you are having the party in a room. Asks for volunteers and form at least four groups, with two or four members in it. Give each group a long piece of cloth and ask them to stand around the raft holding a corner of cloth in hand. All they have to do is to heave the cloth for the wavy effect.
You can also tie these pieces of cloth around the raft and use a portable or table fan to achieve the effect. For food, you can opt for canned food or finger food and drinks. If you want to increase the fun, those who are not on the raft can try to rescue the unfortunate ones.

Have a Western Themes Based Party

Can you guess how many cowboys, complete with hats, eye-patches and mock revolvers at their waists, will attend your party, if you have chosen the "Western theme".
The success of the party may depend partially on how good you are at decorating your place as a western tavern or as an inn. Scattered saw dust or hay on the floor and "Wanted" posters of your friends on the walls, will provide the right sort of decorations for the party.
If you are a computer geek, try doctoring the photos with the help of a software. If you have plenty of outdoor space, then with the help of ropes and posts, you can isolate one of its corner as a ranch for the party and complete it with bales of hay.
Old lanterns, jugs, a wagon wheel and a prop-up of a door opening on the porch complete with a railing on the side, will definitely turn your place into a western haunt for the fun. Drinks served in mugs and barbecue, chicken, hotdogs, chilies, steaks or hamburgers can serve as the food.
Party games such as Horseshoes and a darts competition can keep your guests busy and on their toes. A country band can give a real western touch to the event by providing the background music for your guests.

Have a Wine Tasting Party

You need not be a connoisseur to taste wine? Anyone can enjoy a glass of a good wine. Selecting this idea for an adult party can give everyone present, an opportunity to taste as many wines as they can and rate them, according to their personal tastes.
If some of them are 'Zero' in this department, they can take it sportingly and use their imagination. Each guest is supposed to bring his or her favorite wine to the party and share it. Cheese, simple appetizers and bread can serve as the food for this party.

List of Creative Party Ideas

  • Superhero Party
  • A Party Based on Shakespeare Characters
  • Indians War Party
  • A Meeting of the Aliens and Earthlings
  • A Robot Party
  • Arabian Nights Themed Party
  • Casino Night
  • Academy Awards Party
  • A Jungle Book Theme Party
  • Famous Disney Characters Theme Party
  • A Nightclub Theme Party
  • Rock Star Party
  • Famous Romantic Movie Characters Based Party
  • Cocktail Party
  • A Dare Party
  • A Liar Liar Party
  • A Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, Gaulle, Churchill, Roosevelt Party
You could also choose a party theme from the 1960s or 1980s Flash dance as the main party idea. It is said that man is a social animal. On the other hand, at the personal level everyone likes to live in his or her mental sphere sharing it only with the personalities one allows to inhabit it.
In the physical world, this sharing can be achieved very easily by throwing a party and inviting friends and family to it. Partying is a way of sharing your physical space. Never forget that a theme for the party, may it be for adults, girls or teenagers to give them a deep felt urge of belonging to the clan or a group of like-minded people.