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Pirate Treasure Map

Don't Know How to Make a Pirate Treasure Map? Come Sail With Us

A pirate treasure map is so exciting. Making one yourself is easy. This article takes you through the steps to make your own realistic treasure map.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Robert Louis Stevenson made pirate maps an instant hit with his book, Treasure Island. The book gave a whole new dimension to pirates and most importantly treasure maps. The scroll made of worn out paper, the intricate markings, the treasure hunting, it was all magnificent. Stevenson had made the map in the book himself. You can make a similar map and also make it look absolutely authentic. Here's how.
Get hold of pirate-related images from the Internet to get an idea what a treasure map looks like. Try different images like a skull and crossbones, a compass, and a pirate ship. Select the ones which make a good visual impact, they will show well on your map.
After you get the required images, open the images in an image editing software. This will enable you to edit and move the pictures as you work. Meanwhile, have an idea as to how you want your map to look. Accordingly, position the pictures. Once you have the final picture of the map, save the file. Print it out, and let it dry for an hour so to avoid the ink from running when you get it wet.
Now, make a cup of black tea, let it stay and steep for a few minutes which will make it dark. Take a baking sheet and pour the tea on it, and then immerse the map in the tea. Make sure that the paper is completely covered. The tea will darken the map, giving it an aged look.
Take the paper out in a few minutes, let the tea drip, and then lay out it to dry on a towel. In case you feel that the map has not darkened as per your expectations, don't worry, it will just let it dry. It is important to handle the paper carefully as it can tear easily while wet.
When the paper dries, draw out a treasure map. Burn an incense stick, and then burn the edges of the paper. To add that authentic touch, burn some holes in the paper with the stick. A damp napkin might come in handy to prevent the burn marks from spreading.
To add those finishing touches to make it look real, consider crumpling the paper lightly. Another idea is to add a few drops of red wine when the paper is wet, making it look even more ancient and archaic.

Finally, tie a scrap of cloth after rolling the map. You are done. This can be very useful as at a pirate party for your kids. You could also print maps available online.