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Awe-inspiring Pool Party Favors

Priya Johnson Oct 13, 2018
Flip-flops, beach balls, beach towels, beach toys, etc., remind the kids of the wonderful time they had at the pool party you hosted. Moreover, it's a great way to thank the guests for their valuable presence at the party.
A pool party theme is simply great during the summers. Whether it's for kids or for older teenagers, pool parties are always fun. Hosting a birthday, anniversary, or even a congratulations party by your pool is a wonderful way to celebrate the occasion.
Besides all the other preparations involved in a pool party, it is also important to focus on the favors. The best way to thanks your guests during such pool parties is by giving lovely pool party favors. These favors will always remind them of the wonderful time they had at your party.

Favor Ideas for Pool Parties

Beach Balls

Beach balls are great favors for kids at a pool party, not only because they are attractive, but also because they have utility value. You could write something on each ball, such as a quick thank you note on the deflated ball, thanking the child for coming.
You could also draw a few cartoon faces or stick some small beach stickers on the ball. If your budget allows it, you can also get those extra large beach balls as favors.

Beach Toys

The stores offer a variety of beach toys, right from pool noodles, water balloons, water guns, water tubes, diving toys, etc.
The toys when bought in bulk can be obtained at a cheaper price. You could also place one or more toys in a sand pail, filled with some shells, sunscreen bottles, bubble solution, etc., to form a pool party goody bag.

Beach Towels

Buy a few sunscreen bottles and some bright beach towels. Now take one towel and wrap it around one sunscreen bottle. Secure its position with a rope. This makes an interesting pool party favor, and more importantly, it's quite a useful gift.


There are scores of types of cool sunglasses available for kids. Get some really bright and festive-looking ones, such as colorful sunflower sunglasses. They come in all sorts of colors and have a very cute summer look.
Plastic sunglasses are not expensive and are great favors for those on a small budget. Go to discount stores to get them at cheaper rates.


Flip-flops are always welcome during summers. Getting colorful flip-flops is a good idea, as it's a very useful gift. Get colorful but plain flip-flops and get the kids to decorate them at the pool party.
You can combine the activity and favor together. Give them beads, silk flowers, small shells, ribbons, etc., to stick onto their flip flops. The kids will enjoy flaunting their new, personalized, colorful flip-flops all through the summer months.


Lobster balloons, flip-flop balloons, prismatic sun balloons, seashell balloons, palm tree balloons, etc., also make great favors for a pool party. You can write thank you notes on the balloons. Don't forget to take pictures of all the cute kids with their lovely pool balloons before they head home!

Beach Theme Jewelry and Hats

You could hand the girls shark tooth necklaces, shell jewelry, or even surfboard necklaces. You could even make them yourself. Put them in cute little bags and decorate the bags with beach stickers
For the boys, you could give beach summer hats, which also come in several cool, colorful shades and patterns. Cute bucket-shaped hats are also wonderful! You could also give tropical bandannas to the kids.
You can even get ready-made pool party favor sets available in stores. However, if you are creative and like art and craft, then, you could just assemble things together, decorate them, and present them to your family and friends.