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Fabulous Food Ideas for a Pool Party

Deeptee A Oct 23, 2018
Planning a grand summer party to beat the heat? What about the food? Here are some pool party food ideas.
Nobody can resist throwing themselves into the pool when the temperature rises during the summer season. How about getting some excitement and fun by planning a pool party? Once you are through with the party details, you will need to think of the food too.
Here are some ideas that are not only easy to make and easy on your pocket, they are also all-time favorites.
While selecting food for a pool party, you need to decide if you are going to cook at home or ordering it from a restaurant. It is not advisable to cater all the dishes from outside. A little homely touch can be added if you make some of the food at home, not to mention that it will be more economical.
If you decide to cook at home, ensure that you start preparing a day earlier, as you do not want to tire yourself out, and not enjoy your own party. Let us look into some easy party food ideas.


For beverages you could choose from a number of drinks like fruit punches, canned juices, bottled juices, chilled beer, a variety of mocktails and/or cocktails.
Coconut juice cools you off.


For appetizers, cheese cubes, fresh fruit cubes, potato salads, grilled sausages, crab cakes, wantons, shrimp, mini sandwiches, egg rolls, spring rolls, Greek salad, summer pasta salad, or the evergreen chips and dips.
Make some dips at home, like a spinach or cheese dip, and serve some carrot and cucumber sticks to dip into these. Finger food is the most attractive part of the party food, so choose these with care.

Main Course

Main course could consist of some rice preparation or noodle preparation, or both. You could have mini burgers with cheese, vegetables, ham, chicken, or whatever suits your taste.
Roast chicken, ribs, hotdogs, grilled fish, pizzas, platters of sea food, are all great choices when it comes to food ideas for adults.


Tropical fruits like the pineapple, melons, and bananas, can all be cut into pieces and served on toothpicks. Fruit sorbet is also a good idea, as it is not very messy, and is liked by all.
Chocolate brownies, candied fruits, and ice lollies are also great for pool parties.

Pool Party Food For Kids

If you are throwing a pool party for kids, keep the menu very simple. Add some color to the food, and the kids will love it.
Choose orange juice and grape juice as beverages.
Serve some marshmallows with cream cheese as starters. Cut up some carrots, broccoli, and cucumbers in funny shapes, and serve these with a cheesy dip.
Make some sandwiches with combinations of peanut and butter, cheese and vegetables, cheese and chicken, etc. Cut them in different shapes with the help of a cookie cutter. Mini burgers and mini hot dogs are also enjoyed by kids.
Serve different types of cookies and cakes as desserts.
Whatever food you decide to prepare, ensure that the recipes are not very difficult and time-consuming to prepare. This will save you time for decorations and other preparations. Do not get tensed about what food to serve at a party; just select some from these mentioned ideas.
Remember, anything you serve will be over in a matter of minutes, and the guests will totally enjoy themselves!