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Potluck Invitation

Amazingly Impactful Ideas and Wordings for a Potluck Invitation

Potluck parties are a lot of fun. But do you know how to write a potluck invitation card? In this article, we are going to discuss all about potluck invitations and much more...
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
A potluck is a kind of meal where each guest brings a dish prepared by him/her which is then shared by everyone. A potluck party is a fun way to have a get together without the host going into the trouble of having to make an elaborate full course meal. This kind of parties can be organized for a small group of friends or a big gathering. The unique aspect of a potluck party is that there is an element of surprise in them, as the guests have no idea what they might get to eat or drink. If you are thinking of throwing such a party, then you must make some invitation to let your guests know the venue and time of the party.

Potluck Invitation Ideas

A potluck party is a relatively casual affair and you do not need any fancy party invitations. It is more of a relaxed get together where you get to catch up with your friends and share a meal. A potluck party is also a good way to meet up with your neighbors in a laid-back setting and it is more fun than a normal dinner party. When you are organizing a potluck party, there are some things that you should keep in mind to make the party more enjoyable and memorable. One such thing is to have a theme for the potluck party. You can choose a particular cuisine that is popular among people like Italian or Mexican or you can try something more exotic like Moroccan or Lebanese. While choosing a theme, make sure that your guests are comfortable preparing these cuisines.

Once you have picked a theme for a potluck party, decorate your home to reflect the theme of the party. This will set the ambiance for the party. So, if you have a Moroccan theme potluck party, you can decorate your home in flimsy muslin curtains and special blue pottery, complete with a hookah in a corner. Instead of eating in the dining table, set up some mattresses with colorful cushions on the floor and have your meal together here. Opt for authentic cutlery and china that are inspired by the middle east and serve only authentic Moroccan potluck dishes like lamb tagine, pita bread with hummus, tabbouleh, couscous, lentil soup and harira. Your guests will surely appreciate such a potluck party. When you are throwing an informal potluck party, then following these potluck dinner ideas will ensure that your party is a success.

Potluck Invitation Wording

Wording for invitation need not be very stiff and formal, since it is just a fun get together. It can be either handwritten or printed on some fancy stationery, informing the guest about the potluck theme, date and time of the party and the venue. You can specify the course of meal that you would like the guest to bring, but do not insist your guest to bring a particular item. Also make sure that you inform your guest as to how many other people you have invited, so that they have an idea about how much food to get.

Potluck Invitation Samples

Here are a few invitation wording samples that you can get inspiration from, for your next party. You can modify the wording according to your requirement.

Sample #1


Join us with your family on (Day and Date)
at (Time) for a Moroccan theme potluck dinner party for 8 - 10 people.
Please bring a main course or an appetizer dish of your choice.

Sample #2


You are invited to our potluck party.
Bring your favorite casserole dish to share with friends.

Please response by...........................................

Sample #3


Let us all get together
for a whole lot of fun.
Bring your favorite dish,
One that everyone is so crazy about!

So these were some ideas for potluck invitation. Make sure that you keep the wordings of your invitation light and breezy and add a picture of some appetizing food for more impact. Have fun thinking of new potluck ideas for your party.
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