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Really Cool Potluck Invitation Wordings You Can Choose From

Potluck Invitation Wording
Potluck parties are a great way of hosting a large gathering of people without bearing a huge expense. Proper invitation is a must to ensure your potluck party goes as per your planning. Ambiguities in the invitation wording may lead to last minutes hassles.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Jan 20, 2018
Potluck ideas are becoming highly popular as people find them very convenient and economical. The hosts alone do not have to arrange for meals and drinks on their own as they can request their guests to bring a dish with them. Organization and planning plays a very important role in the success of potluck parties. Without proper planning, you may have to bear the imbalance in food items or there might be last minute trips to the supermarket. This is where invitation wording comes into play. Given below are some tips on potluck invitations.
Potluck Invitations
Potluck invitations can be casual and handmade. You need not go for fancy, expensive party invitation cards. Buy paper in different colors, and assign a color to every food category (appetizers, salads, desserts etc.). Write your potluck dinner invitation wording in your own hand or get printable invitations online. Make sure you send your invites at least 2 - 3 weeks before the event. Since, your guests will be making the potluck recipes on their own, you need to give them some time to make necessary provisions. Do not forget to mention RSVP address or phone number or best include a separate RSVP envelope. Make sure your guests reply at least a week prior to your event. Many a time, your guests may refuse to bring the specific dish you asked for or may have different food preferences. In that case, you need to have time on your hands to make up for the imbalances in the menu.
Potluck Invitation Wording Samples
Potluck invitation should clearly mention the day, date, venue and the name of the hosts. It should also include details such as how many people are attending the party as well as the type of dish they are supposed to bring. You as a host may know the number of people attending the party, but it is equally important for your guests to know the number so as to cook their respective dish in sufficient quantity.
Join us for the Annual Neighborhood Potluck Gathering
Please bring a covered dish for (No of people).

RSVP by (Date) to (Name) on (Ph)
Enjoying great dinner.
(Day), (Date), it is time to try out one of those new recipes.
Please bring to dinner (Type of dish) to serve (No of people).
Hosted by (Name)(Address)
Just like every year, the Christmas potluck is here,
Join us with your family on (Date, Time) at (Location).
A covered dish of (Type of dish) for (No of people) will be appreciated.
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It's time to keep aside work and indulge in scrumptious delicacies.
Yes, our annual office potluck is back on (Day, Date, Time)!
Please mention the type of dish you will be bringing against your name in the sheet (to be circulated later today).
Beach Summer Dinner Party Celebration Concept
(Your Name) & (Partner's Name) are glad to invite you for a BBQ potluck at their residence on (Date, Time). Please bring along a side dish and your favorite beverage for (No of People), while we provide meat and entertainment!
Potluck Party Planning
» Before you are all set to send your invites, make sure you have a list of all your guests. This will help you to know how many people are expected to turn up for the party.

» Decide what you will be preparing at home. Usually, the hosts serve a large meat dish and a side dish while the guests bring appetizers, other side dishes, desserts, etc.

» If you are not going to serve the drinks yourself, make sure somebody else does. Talk to that person beforehand, so that he can make provisions well in advance.

» Divide your guests into groups and assign a category of food to each group. If you have a small group of families attending the party, assign one particular dish or food group (e.g. dessert) to each family or couple.

» If you are inviting bachelors to your party, do not force them to get anything as it could become tedious for them to cook for a group. They will most likely pick something up on their way.

» Dividing your guest list according to food items is a good way to ensure you do not have duplicate items for your potluck menu. If a huge number of people are going to turn up at your party, then lasagna, meatballs, barbecued chicken salad, etc., can be some popular potluck recipes.

» Always request for dishes that are easy to make and do not require elaborate ingredients. You don't want your guests to endure unnecessary expenses.

» As a host, you will have to arrange for dinnerware, extra serving plates, bowls, and platters.

» Make sure nobody has to stay in kitchen for last minute whip-ups.
With such immaculate planning, your event is bound to be a success. An accurate invitation wording allows your guests to clearly understand what is expected of them. Such a successful party will have your guests talking about it for days.
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