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Pranks for Sleepovers

Pranks can make a night's stay exciting and fun-filled. If you are planning to add this fun element to your next sleepover with friends, read on for some funny pranks for sleepovers.
PartyJoys Staff
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
We often invite our friends to be with us for a while with intent to chat with them, play and have fun. Mischief and pranks add the fun element to every get-together and make the meeting memorable in the literal sense of the term! Friends are a vital component of one's life. Especially, when it comes to school and college years, get-togethers with friends become an all-time favorite activity for almost all of us. Pranks become an inevitable constituent of friendship by default. These pranks create fun and excitement and are sure to remain in our memories for long years to come. Mischief played in a positive spirit can be indeed laughed about years later. While talking about pranks on friends, sleepover memories are bound to rush into our mind. We tend to remember those nights when we had called up our friends for a sleepover and then follow the memories of the funny sleepover pranks we played or fell victim to! True, pranks add spice to friendships.
Pranks for a Sleepover
One suggestion of a sleepover prank is to pour out toothpaste on the face of a sleeping friend. You may try pouring out sauce, which can appear as being blood, make sure you stay away from the eyes of the victim asleep. Wait to see you friend wake up with a face, patched red and white with toothpaste and sauce. Show your friend a mirror in the morning. He/she is sure to look horrified looking at his/her own face!
This one can be great fun! Pretend to be sleeping, check that your friends are asleep. Sneak out of bed and get hold of a weird colored nail polish. Apply it carefully on the nails of your sleeping friends. They are definite to wake up bewildered to see their nails painted overnight. If the friends are boys, this prank can become even more hilarious.
Make sure the victim for your prank has slept. Sneak out of bed and apply makeup to yourself. Make yourself look funny or fearful. Use some strange colors to paint your face. You may try taking a clown's getup to look funny or go for black and green clothes and makeup to look scary. Apply white powder to your face. Next, go to where your friend has slept. Wake him/her up with some strange sound and wait for your friend to wake up in fright. Watch him/her flee on looking at your frightful appearance.
Some of your friends may have a habit of sleeping with an open mouth. Use the opportunity to the fullest! Drop some hot sauce or ice-cold water in his/her open mouth. Wait and watch. The situation is bound to turn hilarious. Some have a habit of snoring. Do not let the chance go by! Turn on a recorder to tape the friend's snores. Laugh together next morning!
Gum in hair or gum all over can prove to be an equally hilarious prank for sleepover. Pour gum in the hair of your sleeping friends. Watch him/her have a tough time removing it next morning. You can choose to pour out gum between your friend's fingers. Be ready to watch the fun next morning as your friend struggles to separate his/her fingers apart.
When your friends are fast asleep, prepare a sugar solution and dip their toothbrushes in it. Get hold of the shampoo or the conditioner bottle, replace the conditioner with a hair dye. The morning that follows is sure to create humor.
Are you planning for a sleepover this weekend? Are you planning to invite some friends to stay for a night with you? Then won't it be exciting to supplement the sleepover with some interesting pranks? If the pranks for sleepovers are planned well, they add to the fun of the stay. Play the most hilarious of the pranks one could even think of but do not overdo it. Make sure your fun is not bittered by causing a serious injury to someone or hurting someone's feelings. Remember, these sleepover pranks could be played on you as well. Be sportive enough in playing them and in having them played on you.