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These Pranks to Pull on Friends at Sleepovers are Too Damn Funny

Pranks to Pull on Friends at Sleepovers
Make the sleepover exciting for you and your friends by playing some really fun pranks to pull on friends at sleepovers. Read on for some ideas.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Having your friends over to spend a night together is in itself a very exciting experience. To add to the fun, if some interesting pranks are pulled on one another, the night can become even more happening. Scroll down for a list of some of the most hilarious pranks you can pull on your buddies.
Wait for your friends to fall asleep and tickle them with the corner of a paper. Put the paper in their ears or rub it on their arms. Do it very subtly though so that they don't wake up. Very soon, you will see them trying to shoo away the "mosquito" with their hands!
One of the funniest pranks is to wake up a few minutes before them and then tie them to one another with their own clothes. When they wake up in the morning and try to get out of bed, it will be a lot of fun watching them pulling at each other's clothes.
Involve some of your other classmates in the fun too. Call up a few of them and speak to them in a girl's voice. Give a fake name and identity and ask them out on a date. Put the phone on speakers for everyone to hear how your classmates react, talk, and flirt with a "girl".
Another fun prank is to watch a horror film together. Just before someone in the film is about to be chased and killed, sneak out of the room. Apply black polish on your face and wear a red lipstick. Cover your entire body, except for the face, with a white blanket and wait for the "killing scene" to start. Just when you see the killer chasing the victim in the film, take a big knife and run towards your friends. I am sure they will be petrified for a second. Believe me, after the initial scare, you all will be in splits.
Get around twenty balloons and fill them with air. As soon as your friends are asleep, take a pin and pop the balloons, one after the other. The loud noise will wake up everybody. Some of them would end up screaming, running, and shouting. Enjoy the scene and once everyone realizes what exactly has happened, they too will join you in the amusement.
When your friends are asleep, take a marker or a sketch pen and draw a clown face on their face, complete with the red nose, big black bulging eyes, and a small red mouth. When everyone wakes up in the morning, you will have a laugh riot looking at each other's faces. A fun idea here is to apply nail polish if there are guy friends over or draw a thick mustache if there are girls.
If you have a dog at home, take its favorite food and apply it on your friends face, arms, and legs. After this, let your dog lick the food from your friends' bodies. Make sure that when you pull this prank, your friends are fast asleep. Tape the entire thing, your dog licking their faces and your friends grinning and tossing around in the bed due to the disturbance caused by the dog. In the morning, show your friends this video and have a good laugh over it.
Play a game of truth or dare with your friends. Meanwhile, without telling anybody, keep a tape recorder nearby and record the game. This way, you get a chance to tape everyone's secrets. Once the game is over, re-play the secrets. Your friends at this point would be ready to do anything if you promise not to give the tape to their parents!
Take some corn syrup and fill your friends' shoes with it. In the morning, when they put on their shoes, the liquid will stick to their feet and socks. Though a bit messy, such harmless pranks can prove to be a lot of fun.
Before going to bed, put a bucket of water on top of the bathroom door. Whoever wakes up first in the night to go to the bathroom will have water spilled on him/her from the bucket! One caution though, tie the bucket so that it does not fall on somebody's head. Play this prank as many times as you can, throughout the night.
Pranks should be played and taken in a good spirit, only then they will be fun and memorable. So, plan such pranks that do not cause any physical or emotional harm to your friends. They should be such that whenever you get together again, you can share a good laugh thinking about them.
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