Majestic Ideas to Unleash the Novelty of the Royal Princess Party

Princess Party Ideas
Princess party theme a popular theme for a party for girls. Give a modern touch to your party with these ideas.
PartyJoys Staff
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2018
Birthday Pink Princess Party
Flowing gowns, glittering lights, magical castle, and prince charming; which girl won't be fascinated? A princess party is one of the best party ideas for a girl. Every girl considers herself a princess, and would love to spend a day like one. However, it is not at all difficult to arrange for a party with a princess theme.
Keep a few things in mind before arranging a party. First of all, the invitations. Mention your theme in the invitations, so that the invitees can dress accordingly. This is very important. Imagine someone wearing a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, when all others are in grand gowns. The food and decorations should also match the party theme.
Alice in Wonderland Theme
Send the invitations with the pictures of a rabbit or Alice or a stopwatch, these were the main characters in Alice in Wonderland. Right from the entrance, put signs like 'this way', 'wrong way', 'right', or 'you are lost'. This will create the Tugley Wood atmosphere!
Instead of the normal door, make a rabbit hole, through which people can come in. They will simply love it. The world of Alice is truly a wonderland, so, convert your party hall into one. A long table with small teapots and mismatched teacups and saucers is a must. Put a children's swimming pool to represent the pool of tears. Distribute hats among guests.
Children Playing Musical Chairs at a Halloween Party
Organizing games like pin the grin, musical chairs, or hopping race (potato sack race), will be great for princess party ideas. Pink cupcakes, cookies, ice tea, pepper soup, pudding, will give the real feel of Alice in wonderland.
Cinderella Party Theme
happy little blond girl blowing cake candle in birthday party
The magic of this name is everlasting! Hundreds of times we have heard the Cinderella story and imagined ourselves at that famous ball. So, let's create the Cinderella fever for your little one's birthday.
You can send the invitations in the traditional scrolls which says 'the king cordially invites you to the birthday party of his princess Cinderella'.
Hanging Balloons
Once you are done with the invitations, start with the decorations. Put helium balloons all over the hall. Make cardboard doors and windows and paint them in blue or white and spray them with sparkles. Decorate the door with satin drapes, which will give the look of a ball.
Young children having party sitting at table with food smiling
Put a chandelier, and blue colored lights. A red carpet leading to the party will set the mood completely. For food, chips and dips, pizza, pink punch, and Cinderella cake will do. Have games like pass the wand, missing slipper, etc.