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Purse Party Game Ideas to Set the Mood and Sell Your Stuff Away!

Purse Party Game Ideas
Here's how you can make your business flourish. Hold a purse party and have your guests play some fun purse party games. Ideas on the games are given in the following article...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
A purse party for girls. What a wonderful idea! Isn't it obvious that we are not just excited about these kinds of parties, but we get ourselves so involved that we come up with more innovative ideas to make them more fun. Hosting a purse party is not as easy as it may sound. Many women, who are starting a small business of selling designer purses often tend to wonder how to go about it. This is where the idea of inviting family members (female, of course), friends, colleagues, and neighbors to your purse party can work. At the party, you're not only giving your guests choices to select the purses they love, but also providing a unique shopping experience.
But, we can't just let the party be all about business, can we? Engaging the guests in some fun purse party games will liven up the party and also make your guests return the next you host another party. Mixing business with fun is a smart way to gain loyal customers and spread the word out. Trust me, when you bring creativity into your parties, you'll find more and more people wanting to join them. So, without wasting anymore time, why don't we take a look at how you can organize the party and which games can you hold.
Party Games for Women
First of all, you need to ready the venue; in this case, your home. Keep the decoration to the minimum and the food served should be light. You don't want the guests to wander off somewhere as this could steal the focus of the purses. Serve wine or coffee so that the guests can break the ice amongst one another. And most of all, decorate the display area in such a way that no one, and I mean no one, can take their eyes off it. Now the concept of including party games is to increase the sale of the purses you want to sell. Following are some ideas for planning the party games that you can use.
Idea # 1 - After the guests have checkout the merchandise, hold a purse party trivia round. Ask questions like, "Name 5 designer handbag brands that you saw in the display", "Can you name 3 different styles of purses you wish to purchase tonight?", and "Should women own only one purse or handbag at a time?" These are some fun trivia questions that will give you ideas on what the guests are looking to purchase. This way, you can concentrate on their individual requirements and then suggest the purses and handbags.
Idea # 2 - Try the raffle giveaway idea. Select a purse and place it in display. Ask the guests to checkout the purse and wait till the raffle round begins. Distribute the raffle tickets amongst everyone and as the end of the party nears, begin the raffle drawing. This way, you can get everyone excited about the game and the guests will flock more around the display table.
Idea # 3 - To play the next, you can ask the guests to bring out the most unusual item out of their purses; the guest who won the game, wins a bonus price. This will get them all excited to play the game. First, you make a list of things that can be found in the purse. Write down points according to the most common to almost unusual. As the guests are bringing items out, they get points. Whichever guest has the highest points wins the price.
Idea # 4 - Hold a small scavenger hunt for the guests. Take 5 to 10 small items like lipsticks, a pair of shoes, mirror, and other items and hide them around the living room. Ask the guests to find as many items as they can, following the map, and whoever gets the most items will get a complimentary bottle of lotion or potpourri sachets.
Always remember this; hosting a designer purse party includes a little bit of business and a whole lot of fun. Keep the party casual, mingle with the guests, and help them buy purses they like. After all, it's all about having loads and loads of giggles, right!
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