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Basic Etiquette to Follow While Attending a Retirement Party

Retirement Party Etiquette
A certain etiquette needs to be followed while attending a retirement party, whether you are a colleague or a family member. This article provides some tips on what is considered socially acceptable.
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
People believe that retirement is not the end, but the beginning of a new life. It is an inevitable experience that any employed person has to endure at some time or the other. To begin a new phase in one's life, throwing a retirement party is the best option. It is a happy event to celebrate a career and the transition to a post-retirement phase, and also a sad occasion in relation to the discontinuation of work with colleagues, which one is so used to. So that the party goes well and without any awkward incidents, guests should have a common understanding of how to behave, or in simple words, they should be aware of the etiquette to be followed. The below tips can be useful if you are going to attend such a party in the near future.
Always Bring a Gift
Foremost, good-mannered guests always make it a point to carry a gift and a card along for the retiree. Which gift one needs to buy depends on how close one is to the retiree. It is always recommended to exhibit courtesy and politeness, by presenting him with a gift, and a greeting card or a thank you note. A group of coworkers can contribute and buy a larger gift. This custom is usually followed for any party.
Do Not Display Family Problems
The occasion is one of the best opportunities for all family members and friends to come together and have a good time. However, there may be some families who might have unhealthy relations between them. For this reason, they may end up making the whole environment unpleasant. All relatives of the retiree should try not to discuss family issues, and enjoy the party. Even if they have some differences among them, this should not be made obvious. This can create a bad impression on the other guests who are present.
Be Happy for the Retiree
A retirement party is certainly a joyous event for the friends, colleagues, and relatives of the retiree. One should not use it as an opportunity to talk about their job grievances or problems, and also the way one would like to retire. This surely is not suitable for the occasion, and would detract from the celebration. Instead, one must be happy for the retiree and participate in his joy.
Remember the Purpose
The event may have a number of guests feasting on food and wine. Due to this reason, one might forget the purpose or theme of the party. One needs to understand that it is exclusively focused on the retiree. One must not try to do anything which will steal the spotlight from the person. So if you are among those who have the habit of always being in the limelight, you would need to restrain yourself at least for this day.
Dress Appropriately
Unless otherwise stated, it is recommended to be dressed in business casuals. Some invitations also mention a theme, so it is important to dress accordingly. For men, typically a smart collared T-shirt and cotton pants work well. Women can pair a button-down shirt with a knee-length skirt, and a cardigan.
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