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Sleepover Games for Teenage Girls for a Night of Utter Craziness

Sleepover Games for Teenage Girls
Hosting a slumber party for your friends and need some sleepover games to play? You're in luck, 'cause that's exactly what we have for you today. In this PartyJoys post, we will share some of the best games that you can stock up on and ensure that you have a night of fun.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Fun Tip
Ask each of your friends who are coming over for the sleepover to think of a game that you can play. That way, you will have a lot of choices without having to do anything much.
2 weeks. That's how long you've been planning this slumber party and making sure that every single detail is meticulously arranged. The food menu? Ready. The music to dance to? Done. The games? Uh-oh. Forgot about that one, didn't you? Happens, happens. What now? No need to panic, of course―all you do now is read through this PartyJoys article that features some of the best sleepover games for teenagers. Not only will these guarantee a night of pure, unadulterated, unapologetic fun, but will also lead to so much laughter, you will want all your weekends to be like this one. So ready when you are, go through these and take your pick. Then go and have a blast at that sleepover already.
Fun Sleepover Games for Teenagers
The following teenage sleepover games are a great mix of some that require you to run about, others that require that you get creative, some others that will get you putting on your thinking caps, and some that will require your speed. All in all, a great mix of activities.
The Sticky Nose Job
This is a wonderfully hilarious game that brings in a lot of laughter. On a table (or even the floor, if you want to up the difficulty quotient by several notches), place a bowl of cotton balls, an empty plate, and a jar of petroleum jelly. The girls are required to place their hands behind their back. At the blow of the whistle, they have to slather on the jelly on their noses and bend down to 'pick' the cotton balls with their nose; once this is done, they have to place the cotton ball in the empty plate. At the end of a minute, the girl who has collected the maximum number of cotton balls, wins.
Tracing the Object
In this game, each girl plays for her own self. For this, buy some cheap glow-in-the-dark objects and have them hidden all over the house. Keep a count of how many objects there were. If you want to participate in the game, you can request someone in your family to hide the objects for you. Then turn off the lights and let the hunting begin. Set a time limit―say 15 minutes. At the end of this time, the girl who finds the maximum number of objects, wins the game.

Alternately, you can even hide candy bars and play the game.
Packed like Sardines
This is a really fun game and one that evokes a whole lot of sniggers and laughter. Choose someone who will be tagged as the 'player'―she is the one who will be hiding in the house. The rest of the people exit the house while turning off all the lights. Once they are out in the yard, they will count till 70 and only then will they come in. Each of them has to find the hidden player by themselves. When they find the player, they hide with her. Make sure that no noise is made, the objective is to not get caught. One by one, the players start to hide. The last person standing has lost the game. She has to be the next person to hide while all the others search for her.
Let's Play Taboo!
If you've never played this one, I'll say that you need to get to this one real quick. The way it's played is that there are a set of cards that have a word on them and this word needs to be conveyed to the teammates; but while conveying the word, she cannot use some taboo words that have been listed out on the card. If the words are used, it's a foul round. Each player must try and convey as many words as possible in under a minute.
Find the Candy
This game is a little messy, but it is a whole lot of fun. It may require a bigger area to play, depending on how you want to play it. Place a hard candy in the center of a wide and deep bowl and fill it with a heap of flour so that the candy is fully covered. If you have a lot of space to play in, you can place many bowls in the same manner for the all the girls there, or you can take turns and judge the winner taking into consideration the time factor.

They cannot use their hands in this game. The bowls will be set on the table (or the floor)―the girls will have to fold their arms behind their back and using only their mouths, find the candy in the bowl. Once they find the candy, they will have to run to the end of the room with the candy in their mouth. Depending on whether the game is played all at once, or in turns, the winner will be decided. Either the person who finds the candy first and runs to the finish line wins (in case the game is being played with everyone at once), or the person who finds the candy and runs to the finish line the fastest, wins (in case the game is being played in turns).
Slumber Obstacle
This one's a whole lot of fun. So what you do is you collect all these items from around the room that you can use for an obstacle course. Things like pillows, cushions, soft toys and the like (nothing that is hard or has edges). In a spacious room, set these up into an obstacle course. Divide the group into two teams of equal numbers and then keep a sleeping bag at the start of the line. At the blow of the whistle, the first member gets into the slumber bag and hops through the obstacle course. At the end of the line, she gets out of the bag, runs over to the starting line and hands over the bag to the next member who then gets into the bag and repeats the whole process again. This is done till the last person has crossed the end line. The team that finishes first, wins.
Kiss and Tell
This is a game that you can relax with because it's got less activity and more harmless laughter. Pass on a piece of white paper or a napkin to each of the girls, ask them to wear bright lipstick (everyone has to wear the same shade) and kiss the paper. Collect all the papers and mix them up. Then ask the girls to guess who has made each of the lipstick marks―the girl who guesses the maximum right marks, wins.
Movie Bingo
If you're planning on watching a movie that night, we know how to make it more interesting than simply sitting there with a bowl of popcorn―bring in the bingo twist to the whole deal. What you do is, make a huge list of some of the most common (and some uncommon) things that feature in films―for example, a blond, a red car, an animal, a crying baby, a red signal, a kiss, etc. Write these out on a piece of paper and make copies of the same, then hand these copies to all the girls. Every time someone gets a match, they mark it and the girl who gets the fastest 3 or the fastest 5, wins.
Kiss The Poster
This is a modern twist to the old game―tail the donkey. Buy a poster of a film star, or if you have an old one that you do not mind discarding, use that. Tape the poster on the wall and pass a bright-colored lipstick around. Ask each girl to pucker up. Once all have done this, blindfold the first girl, twirl her around and let her go kiss the poster. Do this until all the girls have had their turn. The girl who manages to kiss closest to the lips of the actor, wins.
Scary Story with a Twist
What's the point of a sleepover if there are no scary games to play? No point. In keeping with that then, here is one of the best games that you can take up. Turn off all the lights and use only flashlights, or you can use a weird-colored bulb to create an eerie effect. Then tell one of the scariest ghost stories that you know, complete with sound effects and renditions as well. And here's the funny part, get in a friend in on this plan, then when the story reaches the scariest part and everyone is on the edge of their seats, make someone enter the room with gory make up on. It'll scare the hell out of all of them there.

You could also try these variations―knock on the window really, really loudly or have your friend (who was on into that plan) scream a blood-curdling scream. What more could you ask for?
Each one of these teenage girl sleepover games promises a whole lot of fun. All you have to do is get them into action. And now that you have some of the activities that you can carry through at that sleepover, just go have a really awesome night.