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Girls! Miss These Wonderful Sleepover Ideas at Your Own Risk

Sleepover Ideas for Girls
One of the most exciting part of any teenage girl's life is a sleepover party. Every girl aspires to have a blast at this party, since it is an opportunity to enjoy a night away from home. Here are some great sleepover ideas for girls that you can use.
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Sleepovers give you a chance to gather all your friends and create a hullabaloo. You get to know so many things about each other, including everyone's long list of crushes. It's fun to wear pajamas and hog on the popcorn, but a lot of planning is required for good sleepovers. You need to pay attention to every detail, right from the number of guests to the breakfast to be served the next day!
Just chant the word "low". That means, apply this word to your every activity. First, keep the number of guests low, i.e., send invitations to only 8-10 girls so that you really enjoy each moment and it does not turn into a commotion. Second, keep the number of games limited too. Third, keep the noise low so that you get permission for another sleepover party in the future.
  • Ramp Night:
    Young girls are always fascinated with the glamor world, especially bymodels and catwalks. So, create an illusion of the fashion world for your invitees. You need not create a real stage, your bed can serve the purpose. To create the atmosphere, light the room in such a way that only the bed is focused while the rest of the room is in dark. Put on some jazzy music, and you are set for a fashion show. Now, start doing the makeup to pass on a new look. Instead of neat makeup, go for a funny and gaudy makeup. For clothes, you can utilize your extra bed covers and towels so that your mom won't scold you the next day. Are you wondering what you can do about bed covers? Well, you can make wrap-around skirts, toga party dresses, or even put it around your head like a princess's crown!
  • Gossip:
    Can a sleepover be complete without gossiping? Here are some ideas to make the gossip meaningful. Instead of talking on any topic aimlessly, make chits for everyone. Write an interesting question on each chit, like is it true that you are planning to go to the prom with Jake?, etc. Such questions will create a riot of laughter and excitement among everyone.
  • Chocolicious:
    To start with, send slumber party invitations in chocolate-colored envelopes sprinkled with chocolate perfume. Welcome the guests in a brown colored dress, and give them a chocolate at the door itself. Decorate your bedroom with chocolate scented candles and prepare chocolate delicacies, like s'mores, chocolate cookies, and cake. To add more chocolate to the atmosphere, give each other a chocolate facial and mask. Also, do not forget to paint each other's nails with golden rusty nail art. I am sure all of you will have chocolaty dreams that night!
  • Games:
    You can play a number of games, ranging from dumb charades to murder in the dark. You can also play video games. You are the host, so it will be your responsibility to maintain peace during games. See to it that no one is left out.
Hope you enjoy your sleepover and the rest of the sleepovers to come in the future!
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