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Sleepover Pranks for Boys That are Innovative and Quite Wacky

Sleepover Pranks for Boys
Boys love playing pranks, and sleepovers are just another opportunity for them. Read this article to know some harmless sleepover pranks for boys.
Mayuri Kulkarni
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
So, you are going for a slumber party at your friend's place, and you want some simple ideas for pranks to play on your friends? Pranks are an inevitable part of any sleepover party, and there is no limit to the number of ideas that could be used in this case. While playing any of the pranks, one should take care that it does not hurt anyone physically or psychologically. Also, everybody who participates in the pranks, the victim as well as the person who is playing the prank, should take it in a sporting spirit. Given below are some of the easy-to-play and exciting sleepover prank ideas for boys.
Loud Music
For this sleepover prank, you will require a CD player with headphones. Make sure everyone has fallen asleep, and then load your CD player with a song which is very loud and heavy. Keep the volume of the CD player as high as possible. Now choose your victim. You can go for a friend who is a very sound sleeper, as compared to the rest. Slowly put the headphones of the CD player into his ears, and watch him freak out. Now that you have woken him up, he can be your partner in further pranks.
Black Ashes
Arrange for a coffee mug that is black in color, and light in weight. Do not use a high quality mug for this prank. Burn the mug's bottom until it turns black. Take a similar, though unburned, mug for yourself to avoid suspicion, and hand over the burned mug to the victim. Now, strike a normal conversation and somehow make him rub the bottom of the mug and touch his face. You need to do this in a very tricky way so that the victim does not notice the black stuff on his fingers. Thus, you need to be quick and efficient, but it works. The victim will be surprised to see his own fingerprints on his face.
T-Shirt Prank
This one can be used to annoy your friend to no limit. It will work best if he is wearing a plain, light-colored t-shirt. Once he falls asleep, take a permanent marker, and write all over the t-shirt, "I love (any girl's name, whom he despises the most, or someone he's got a huge crush on)". Make different heart-shaped designs. Ensure that you do not wake your friend up while writing on his shirt. Your friend will go mad when he gets up in the morning to notice the girl's name on his t-shirt. If your friend is too angry, make sure you have an extra t-shirt to compensate for the loss.
Marker Prank
This one can be truly hilarious. You will need some dark-colored, washable markers. Use markers that have felt tips on them. Ink pens can disturb the victim's sleep. Make sure that all the others have dozed off. Choose your first victim, and draw a mustache, beard, or funny drawings on his face. Then, wake him up and ask him to join you in playing the same prank on someone else. The first victim is unaware of the fact that even he has been drawn with such funny drawings. In the morning, you would hear shocked screams from everyone when they see themselves in the mirror.
These were some of the easy-to-play pranks to be played at a boys' night out. You can come up with some more innovative ideas of your own, and make the sleepover party a memorable night.