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Best Slumber Party Invitations for the Kids to Have Fond Memories

Mukta Gaikwad Apr 17, 2019
Sleepovers allow kids to bond with each other as they spend the night playing board games, watching movies, and pillow fighting. Here are some unique slumber party invitations that kids will look forward to.
Slumber parties are fun things to do at home and a great way to help your child make some of the best friends for life. Sending out invitations to your friends will set the mood for the slumber party. Scripting your own wording for the invitation gives the occasion a personal touch.
Making the invitation is a brilliant way to interact with your child too. So, take up this activity after office hours and make most of it while the hay shines.

Wordings for Slumber Party Invitations

Before you begin writing your own party invitation, decide the theme of the party. This will give you an idea for setting the mood. If you are planning on having a surprise, then you'll know what to write and what not to.

Roger Chief!

If you are having boys over, they'd be floored with an Army theme that shrieks G I Joe. Your invite can say like,
'Friday, 11 June
1900 hours at General Hawk's bunker,
We all gather for a slumber meet.
By order Sergeant Mom.'

Happiest Birthday

Birthday parties are the best time of having a slumber party. Invite all the kids over and let them have as much fun as they want till they fall asleep.
This is going to be Ashley's best birthday party ever!
Come over at 8 pm on January 9 and let's surprise her.
All we want is you now and you can't miss this once in lifetime party!
Jump, laugh and play!! Even the night is yours!!

Jungle Calls

Camping will be a hit idea amongst kids and a night that will be etched in their memory forever.
Count the stars beneath the moonlit sky,
Watch the sky change from black to blue,
Join the celebration as Mark turns 6 on 23 September.
Venue: Camp in Mark's backyard
(Get a pillow and flashlight along with you to enjoy the night.)

Game On

Make sure that you include a lot of fun slumber party games, so that you can add this little surprise onto the invitation.

A party you'll never forget,
A game you'll never lose,
So pull up your socks and reach,
745 Westchester lane at 7 pm,
On 14 Feb.

Arrangements for Slumber Parties

You want to have a slumber party for your kid and want it to be the best party ever. To make your planning easy, see to it that all your invites have RSVP with your phone number on them.
Get a headcount of those attending the party so that you can arrange for food and games accordingly. Any number between 4 to 8 is perfect to host such a party. Other than the main course, which you'd be having for dinner, stock up your store room with chips, veggies and other things to munch on. Children tend to get hungry, more often than adults.
Plan the games in advance, and try them out at home with your kid in advance. As per the theme, arrange for the decorations. For instance, if you have a theme like 'Night Sky', get the glow-in-the-dark stars and planets.
Slumber parties have always been attached with fond memories. Create the best invitations, which will be difficult to reject. After all, it's always more the merrier!