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Cool Spring Party Themes

Girija Shinde Oct 14, 2018
With spring around the corner, spring parties are a must! Here are a few themes for your party that you choose from.
"The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created spring." - Bern Williams.
The vibrant colors, the various melodic chirps, and the cool breeze are all the magnificent things that occur together only in spring.
The entire atmosphere is positive and joyful. One does not need any reason to laugh and glee with happiness in spring. We often celebrate even the most trivial reason by throwing a party, how can we miss the most beautiful season of the year? A spring theme party is a must, though we have a solid reason for celebration, we should have a great theme to enjoy.

Outdoor Picnic

What can be a better way to celebrate the spirit of spring than mingling with nature? So invite all your friends to an outdoor picnic. Choose a secluded location, so that you get to enjoy every aspect of spring without any disturbance.
It is better to avoid famous picnic spots as they can be crowded. Pack simple foodstuffs like sandwiches and some punch. One thing that you should not forget, is a camera. Also, carry an mp3 player or a tape recorder. You can also carry your guitar. You do not need loud music there, all you need is soft numbers so that you can calmly enjoy the season.
There is nothing to feel lazy with such an excellent weather. You will, no doubt, feel extremely fresh and recharged after the whole experience.

Luau Party

Luau is one of the best spring themes for parties. You can arrange this party in your backyard itself by converting it into a Hawaiian island.
Well it is quite simple. You will need a few things for decorations. But first inform all the guests about the theme and ask to get dressed in skirts, sarongs, shorts, and Hawaiian shirts, a little like what the Hawaiian people wear.
For decorations you will need citronella candles, small palm trees (real or decorative), tiki lamps, shells, synthetic flower leis, etc.
Prepare traditional luau food like pounded taro root, salmon, chicken and rice, seafood skewers etc. Serve tropical drinks or you can also serve coconut water. The music has to be island music! Mix up various music like Elvis, Beach Boys, etc. You will surely have a blast.

Butterfly Party

Beautiful, colorful butterflies are seen in abundance in spring. Decorate the party hall with lots of flowers and cardboard butterflies hanging from the wall. Ask all the invitees to wear the most colorful clothes and also with fake attached wings.
For food you can have butterflied shaped pizzas and cakes.
You can have a treasure hunt as an activity. As the prize of the treasure hunt, plan a butterfly release. Live butterflies are available at retailer shops, the release of hundreds of colorful butterflies in the air is certainly a cherry on the cake.