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Your Guests Will Love These Ingeniously Pleasing Tea Party Favors

Tea Party Favors
Party favors keep the excitement alive in a party. Guests look forward to receiving souvenirs, and to disappoint them is almost equal to not hosting a successful party. This article focuses on favors you can distribute when hosting a tea party.
Mayuri Kulkarni
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Originally, the main reason of hosting a tea party was to initiate and facilitate social gatherings, specially for women. It is basically an Anglo-American culture that was also practiced during the Victorian era. These parties have now become popular all over the world and are organized for celebrating occasions like baby showers, weddings, birthdays, etc. Invitations, food, favors, and decorations, are some of the important elements that sum up a party. Party favors are nothing but gift items that are given to the guests as a token of love and mementos to remember the event, time they spent at the event, and the people they enjoyed the party with. They are basically a gift for the guests to thank them for their attendance at the party. If you are unable to come up with ideas for party favors, given below is a list which you can choose from.
Cookies: They are easy to prepare and you don't even have to invest a lot of money for the same. You can make chocolate cookies, almond butter cookies, or sugar cookies and mold them into different attractive shapes. Since it is a tea party favor, you can give them the shape of a teapot or even a tea cup. Use small craft bags to put these cookies and tie the bags with satin ribbons. You can even give cookie cutters as favors.
Tea Bags: Flavored tea bags make wonderful favors. You can even gift your guests some samples of the tea served at the party. Herbal tea bags like those made from lavender tea, green tea, jasmine tea, etc., can also be a good treat for your guests. Tea bags can be wrapped in various ways, like you can have simple origami envelopes, satin bags, or gift baskets. Also attach a small thank you note to it along with the instructions to brew the tea. You may even gift more than one tea sample and place the flavored tea bags in small decorative boxes.
Cups and Saucers: They are available in a variety of designs and colors. You can select beautiful small tea cups for your guests, wrap them in small bags, or place them in gift boxes. A combination of cup-saucer and demitasse spoon, makes a perfect tea party favor. These spoons can also be gifted along with other favors like tea bags.
Tea Infuser and Tea Tins: Tea infusers are available in different designs, like a wire-mesh ball strainer and a heart shaped tea infuser. This can be paired with tea bags and cups and saucers. Tea tins are small containers that contain loose tea powder.
Teapot shaped key-chains, candles, mini teapots, iced tea infusers, drop tea, personalized playing cards, tea sachets, etc., are some more ideas you can improvise on. So, select any of these favors or come up with innovative ideas of your own. Present these gifts to your guests and thank them for adding fun, excitement, and life to the party.
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