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Cool Tea Party Gift Baskets That'll Completely Charm Your Guests

Tea Party Gift Baskets
Gift baskets for tea parties are perfect for the tea enthusiasts. Here's a look at some of the varieties available.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Who can forget the quaint little tea parties during the childhood days, in the garden? The excitement felt was tremendous when it came to laying down the dainty tablecloth and neatly arranging the plastic crockery. The experience of devouring the delicious sandwiches and pastries with your friends can never be forgotten.
Today, tea parties have gone beyond the plastic cups and tiny tablecloths. To have a tea party, one goes through a lot of planning, right from the invitations, to the crockery that is going to be used. The highlight of any tea party apart from the tea and the snacks of course, is the exclusive gift basket. These are thought of and made with all the love and care by the host.
These baskets can include the bare essentials like the tea and other things and can also go on to encompass gifts like teddy bears or crackers. You can get it custom-made to save the trips to the malls or the time spent in wrapping up the gifts. One can include silk tea bags, teacups, teacakes, and scones to add some variety. All the accessories have to be added only after considering the size of the basket.
Types of Tea Party Gift Baskets
When it comes to the basket, you can choose a wicker basket if you want a quaint look or go in for wooden boxes, and tea crates if it has to practical. The basics would include a large teapot, cookies, tablecloths, holders, tea bags, etc. Line your tea basket with pretty napkins. You can also use some colored cellophane to wrap each tea bag with it. All the tea bags, tied with red ribbons can sit pretty in a pot. It's definitely a visual treat for your loved one.
The baskets can be oval, rectangular, ceramic, or even of made from plain cardboard. You can browse online and find websites that actually let you select and make a combination of objects, rather than ordering the ready-made ones. Lots of websites have unique themes and designs displayed. If you prefer a theme then go in for the ready-made kind.
The English tea party gift basket is ideal for those seeking an elegant touch. Those who have lavish tastes are also known to import these sets from England because it comes complete with the Whittard of Chelsea loose tea. Shortbread cookies, crispy treats, honey sticks, and candies are also included in the basket.
The happy summer days can be reflected in the garden tea party gift baskets. A basket that's woven with a leather handle will charm any guest and send him/her home with happy memories. Add some tea packets, wine biscuits, spoons for serving, along with daintily designed teacups.
Gourmet cookie baskets are also a perfect option for a tea party. These beautifully designed baskets are full of goodies. Add some dark chocolate or white peppermint chocolate for a personal touch.
Blend some herbal tea from India with tea from England. Herbal tea is known for its de-stressing properties and being organic in nature, this tea is widely sought after, by all the health conscious people. Whatever be the reason for your tea party, gift baskets will be truly be appreciated by all the tea fans from your circle.
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