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Unimaginably Stunning and Fun-exploding Ideas for a Tea Party

Tea Party Ideas
Tea party ideas are variation of the favored English pastime, that may be adapted to suit a broad age range. Here are some ideas you can make your own...
Marian K
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
A revival of the social traditions of past has led to the growing popularity of tea parties. Some of the indications of this trend is the increase of tea sales in the U.S. and appearance of tea rooms throughout the country. While Jane Austen's books give us a mental picture of what the Victorian tea parties must have been like, we may need to adapt them to the modern setting. Contemporary ideas must be such that they don't need a house full of staff to set up. One can have an elegant gathering complete with a cozy ambiance, quiet conversation, and etiquette, without it being lavish, or time-consuming.
Hosting a Tea Party
If you are planning to host a tea party, these are a few details you may benefit from knowing. Traditionally, they are hosted between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m, and are meant to provide light snacks. While the British tradition is to serve tea with milk and sugar, nowadays, plain, flavored tea, coffee, or iced tea are also acceptable. Food options include recipes of small sandwiches of smoked salmon, cream cheese and prosciutto, cucumber and butter, mozzarella and tomato, or egg salad and watercress. Such a party is incomplete without English scones served with butter, clotted cream and strawberry jam. A serving of sweet foods such as sweet cakes, tarts, petit fours, and other pastries must also be included. While planning one, know that a china set is a must. If you have one, set about preparing your menu. Send out the invitations that correspond with your theme, well in advance. Learn how to set the table and plan a pretty centerpiece. With these steps in place, you should host a well-organized gathering.
Tea Party For Adults
One of my favorite Mother's day party ideas is a mother daughter theme. If you are looking for a way to appreciate a woman in her role as a mother, start with her daughter. Invite mothers and daughters for the party, and inform each daughter to prepare a little something to say to honor her mom. If the party is a hit, you can make it a once a month affair, so as to bridge the gap between the generations. Each meeting can focus on a different aspect, such as fashion, relationships, and health. Ladies tea parties can be along the same lines, sans the youngster. An interesting idea is to have one at work, during the tea break. If you are hosting it, you can carry the sandwiches, cookies, scones, or you can make it like a pot luck. Someone will need to carry the teapot and cups, though if it is too much of a hassle, you can manage without it.
Children's Tea Party
For a children's tea party, you may not want to bring out your best china, but explore other safer (less breakable) options. It is the perfect kind of party for a toddler, as the timing and duration is perfect for younger kids. Little girls will also love this occasion, where they all get to wear pretty dresses, hats, and play 'grown ups'. Remember to send out teapot shaped invitations in keeping with the theme. Another idea that kids will like is an Alice in Wonderland theme, replete with characters and costume.
Eleven women having a garden party with dessert table