Here's a Perfectly Suitable Menu to Have a Super Hit Tea Party

Tea Party Menu
A traditional tea party menu calls for elegant sandwiches, scones, and savory sweets. Here are some options that you can choose from.
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Last Updated: Aug 13, 2018
Also called afternoon tea, this British tradition calls for a late afternoon of tea, delectable snacks, and petit fours. The idea is to revel in a luxurious afternoon created by cozy ambiance, quiet conversation and scrumptious foods. Tea parties are usually commenced between 3-4 in the afternoons.
Floral Centerpiece
As the host, you should send out invitations that correspond with your theme in advance, so that your guests have a week to RSVP. Plan a floral centerpiece and bring out your best china tea set. Once you have your menu set, you should practice preparing the tea party menu recipes.
Menu Ideas for a Tea Party
rooibos tea
To start with the basics, it is important to learn the correct technique of brewing a pot of tea. First rinse the teapot with hot water and add the tea leaves to it.
Boil the water in a pan, and pour it into the teapot. Allow it to brew for 3-4 minutes, and then serve it along with a jug of milk (not cream) and a pot of sugar cubes. You can also serve sliced lemons along with the tea. This is the traditional manner of serving tea but you can also serve flavored or iced tea and even coffee.
Specifically called tea sandwiches, they are made of very thin slices of bread. You can use a rolling pin to flatten the slices.
White and brown cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches
Apart from the dainty cucumber sandwiches that one associates with high tea, other favorites are egg sandwiches, and ham with watercress, and cream cheese. Other options are smoked salmon, cream cheese, and mozzarella with tomato sandwiches.
Scones and Sweet Foods
Two scones with jam on a white dish
No tea party is complete without English scones served with butter, clotted cream, and strawberry jam.
Traditional afternoon tea
The scones should be round and served with softly whipped heavy cream or lemon yogurt, and a variety of jams such as raspberry, strawberry, apricot.
Chocolate cake and coffee
In addition to this one may include muffins, crumpets, cakes, cookies gingerbread, pastries, and fruit as part of the tea party food.
Sample Menu 1
Healthy sandwich
♦ Cucumber sandwich with sesame seeds
♦ Egg salad on whole wheat sounds
♦ Chicken almond salad on raisin bread
Lemon tart
♦ Lemon tarts
♦ Chocolate cake
♦ Orange cream cheese spread
small spiral meringues
♦ Meringue cookies
♦ Madeleines
♦ Macaroons
Sample Menu 2
Cheese Sandwich
♦ Cucumber and cream cheese sandwich
♦ Tuna salad in round pastry
♦ Apricot and cheese sandwich
Mini cheesecake with cherry
♦ Mini cheesecakes
♦ Shortbread cookies with raspberries
♦ Molten chocolate cake
Homemade Linzer cutout cookies
♦ Cream scones
♦ Cream puffs
♦ Linzer cookies
Sample Menu 3
Organic Homemade Caprese Sandwich
♦ Mozzarella with tomato sandwiches
♦ Ham with watercress sandwiches
♦ Smoked salmon sandwiches
Chocolate sandwich cake
♦ Banana Bread
♦ Chocolate almond torte
♦ Carrot cake
Madeleine plate
♦ Scones filled with
♦ Madeleines
Tea Party Menu for Kids
Egg salad sandwiches
Healthy Packed Lunch
Ham with watercress and cream cheese sandwiches
Cheese and Ham Salad Sandwich
Fancy celery sticks (celery stalks filled with peanut butter and raisins)
Ants on a Log -Snack
Fruit baskets
Fresh fruit
Fairy Cupcakes
Fairy Cupcake
Applesauce muffin
Applesauce muffin
Apple pie
Single apple pie
Strawberry-kiwi herbal tea
strawberry-kiwi tea
Apple juice
Apple Juice
If you are planning a tea party for kids, it is advisable to keep your best china away and instead utilize safer (less breakable) options. Kids enjoy these parties and love to dress up and play 'grown up'. The food items can be prepared easily and taste delicious when combined with tea.