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Party Games for Teenage Girls

Charlie S Mar 12, 2019
Every party is incomplete without some fun and entertaining games. When it comes to teenage girls' party, there needs to be a mix of both - indoor and outdoor games. Read on to know some ideas for these games.
Apart from amazing food, decorations and music, games are essential for every party. Playing games at a party is a great way to get people to interact with one another and have a good time and socialize. It prevents boredom in the party and adds life to it. Here are games that you can organize for your party.

Indoor Games

Spelling Game

Among the different board games, the spelling game is the most entertaining. For playing this game, you need to divide the number of guests into two teams. Let one person be the judge. Each team will be given some letters from which they will make maximum number of meaningful words. The team that makes the most correct words, wins the games.

Card Games

Card games are very enjoyable when played in a group. You can search for various options on the Internet. Rummy, poker, bridge and spades are some examples of such games.

Singing Games

This game can be played by dividing the girls into two teams. One team starts singing a song and the other team has to sing a song from the last letter of the song just sung. The team which sings the most number of songs correctly, wins the game.

Outdoor Games

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt can be one of the best party games for teenage girls to play outdoors. In this game, some objects will be hidden in the area near your house and the two teams formed will have to find them. The team that finds all the objects first will be declared the winner.

Tug of War

This game requires a large space and is best played in the backyard or garden. Both the teams are given a single rope that they are supposed to pull with their maximum strength, without crossing the line marked in between. The team that crosses the line first, loses the game.

Obstacle Race

The obstacle race is yet another game that the teenage girls would enjoy.
For this, you can create some vertical obstacles in the running tracks. A player of one team has to jump over the obstacles and run towards the teammate standing ahead, who then starts running and reaches the next teammate. The team members can give instructions to their fellow team members to help them get over the obstacles properly.
All these games can surely make your day a memorable one. You can come up with some more games to play at the party and make it more interesting. Click photographs of the girls while they are playing the games and hang them in your bedroom as a memory of all the good times you had.