Fascinating Teenage Party Themes That are Too Good to Ignore

Teenage Party Themes
If you are planning to arrange a teenage party, you can choose from a number of wonderful themes, which would make the event thrilling and memorable. Here are some interesting teenage party themes that you can try.
PartyJoys Staff
Last Updated: Jul 3, 2018
There are a number of great occasions to arrange a teenage party, such as birthdays, end of the school year, team parties, and after a match or dance. Such evenings are full of fun and a lot of excitement. The planning though, is a bit challenging. The teenagers always like to enjoy something special and extraordinary.
You can use different ideas to make the evening unique. The ideas can involve the magnificent decorations, lip-smacking foods, and exciting activities. You can also choose some specific color schemes. Some of them are Retro Chic, Luau, American Screen, Silver Screen, Hollywood, Fear Factor, Salon Night, Jewelry Glam, etc.
Before choosing any of the teenage party themes, consider the location and available space.
Hawaiian Luau party
It is one of the most popular ones. It is a fun theme, as it is arranged outdoors during the summer. For this, arrange the traditional foods and entertainment. You can also include a limbo contest to get the things rolling. Tikki torches and palm trees add to the atmosphere.
You can create a lagoon effect by hanging the streamers in aqua, green and blues colors from the ceiling. A string of white lights add more glow. You can arrange a hula contest with your guests wearing the grass skirts. Let the teens enjoy a night in a tropical paradise.
Pirate party card
This is perfect for both the girls and the guys. Select a favorite movie of all teen guests and arrange the party accordingly.
For example, a Pirates of the Caribbean theme includes the pirate party goods, red bananas to wear, pirate attire, eye patches, and red and black d├ęcor. You can play the pirate music or movies. Serving the chocolate coins could be more effective.
Actor on red carpet entrance vector
Stick posters of Hollywood stars on the walls. Drape yourself like Hollywood star. This theme will make you to feel like the Oscar-winning Star of the Night.
The Survivor
Inspired by the popular reality show, this theme is full of fun and excitement. The teenagers are encouraged to apply their imagination. They are asked to make a lot of noise and a couple of yucky acts. This idea requires plenty of foods for the game. You have to spin the wheel and it will show a particular food that a teenager would have to eat.
Murder Mystery
This is truly fantastic, and suits both boys and girls. It offers an element of drama and excitement. You can choose from numerous murder mystery games, such as Way out West, Dead man's Chest, Hollywood Lies, Davy Jones' Locker, Dazzled to Death, etc.
Beach vacation vector illustration
Use posters of blue water, shark, and friendly fish for decoration. Use strange creatures and sharks if the party includes all boys.
Pearls and mermaids can be used if the party is for all girls. Sunglasses and beach towels are the great favors. You may serve the gummy fish and fish crackers.
American Idol
Karaoke party badges logos and labels
For this, you will have to rent a karaoke machine. Enjoy your own American Idol contest with your friends.
You can make the teenage party quite wonderful and full of fun with these fantastic themes.