Party Activities for Teenagers

Fun Party Activities for Teenagers for an Unforgettable Evening

When planning a party for a group of teenagers, one of the most essential things to do is organize fun activities. Here are some exciting party activities for teenagers that'll keep them entertained for hours.
PartyJoys Staff
Last Updated: Jul 3, 2018
There are several reasons behind organizing a party for teenagers. Perhaps it's for a birthday, graduation, or a special celebration. Well, regardless of the reason, a party seems incomplete without a handful of activities. So, to help you throw an unforgettable party, we have listed a few activities that are popular among teenagers.
Fun Activities for Teenagers
The activities should be arranged to ensure 100% participation. Teenagers between the ages of 13 and 15 can enjoy a murder mystery theme party or love to make tie-dye t-shirts. Scavenger hunt games, a barbecue party, or a formal dance party can work for teens between the ages of 16 and 19.
Truth or Dare
Group Of People In The Bar
Keep them busy with a truth or dare game. As all the friends get together, it'll be fun to watch how the game reveals secrets that were unknown to others. In this game, the participants are divided into two teams.
One player from each team asks a list of questions to the opposite team. The participants also have to do some silly dares such as exchange clothes or pretend to be a dog.
War with Balloons
Friends blowing up balloons
Balloon war involves stealing the balloons and coming on the dance floor. This exciting game can be a great energy booster.
The Man Hunt
This game is a revised version of Hide and Seek. A player from one team has to find out where a player from the opposite team is hiding.
Name that Pop Star
Friends invited for anniversary
Place some pieces of papers with the names of pop stars in a plate. Each participant has to pick a piece of paper and sing a verse from a song sung by that pop star. Another participant has to guess the name of that pop star.
If you're not organizing the party at your home, you can arrange one in an amusement park or a local art museum as well. This could be a good form of entertainment for teenagers. On the other hand, you can rent a fishing boat and encourage them to catch a large fish.
A well-planned and well-organized party loaded with wonderful party themes, delicious snacks, and enthusiastic activities can be a wonderful and memorable experience for the host as well as for the guests.