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Things to Do With Friends to Double the Fun on a Friday Night

Things to Do with Friends on a Friday Night
TGIF! Now if you and some friends are crashing at your house for the night, there's gotta be something better to do than sitting at home and laze around. It is a Friday, and by the Gods you can never waste a wonderful evening like this.
Arjun Kulkarni
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
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You don't have to let the stress and hassles of a busy, long week drag you down on a Friday night. And, when you have friends that are just as excited about hanging out after work or school as you are, chances are the plans have already been put in motion days ago.
When someone says 'plans', it can mean a lot of things. You could choose to just stay at home and have a fun, quiet time with everyone while eating pepperoni pizzas, or paint the town red. We leave you to decide what the actual activity will be. But keeping everyone's suggestions in mind, do make it a point to start your celebrations as early as possible.
Having Fun on a Friday Night
Apart from the suggestions given below, there are tons of other things you can do. After you've glanced at our ideas below, do make it a point to check out a short list after it for more ideas.
Hanging out at the Bar
drink at the bar
Call it a pub, a lounge, or a bar, it has been 'the place' as far as recorded history goes, where people have gone after a long week of hard work. The bar is a place to unwind, enjoy and even meet someone new! On its platter, it not only offers some concoctions to loosen the tongues, but also an opportunity to get footloose and maybe even get a date! It is the place where people gather for some social bonhomie and hence, going to a bar tops my list!
Watching Movies
watch movies
If it has been an unusually tiresome week for you, and you would rather pay for entertainment than have some yourself, movies would be one of the best things to do. Usually a good movie comes out towards the end of the week so you could get to be one of the first people to watch that new film! If the theaters have nothing tempting, you could go for a play or a music and dance show or an event on the Broadway! These are the best places to sit down, relax and get some entertainment.
Catching the Game
If you want to go to a place which is buzzing with energy, watch a live game of your favorite baseball/basketball team! The stadiums are usually great places, to give you plenty of opportunity to unwind and have uninhibited fun after a 'prim-and-propah' week at work. You could really set yourself loose and back up your team with your vocal support! After the game, you could also go for a nice long drive out with your friends. Just make sure that the one behind the wheel doesn't booze too much!
Hosting a Home Party
have fun
Start your Friday night plans early and call your friends over directly after work. Have a barbecue party set up in the evening and as the sun goes down, you're ready to have fun and get ready for the weekend. If you and your friends are the home-body type, then you could just crash at home and do all the things mentioned above! You could get the bar home and crank up the music. Or, you could watch a movie or game with everyone or play multiplayer games on a gaming console.
Additional Ideas to Try
As promised earlier, we have another list of activities that can be easily accomplished on a Friday night. So, decide what you guys want to do, and make things happen.
» Movie marathon with pizzas, popcorn, and soda pops.
» Go to a concert in the park.
» Video game tournament.
» Host an Iron Chef night and have an amazing cook-off.
» Go on a scavenger hunt.
» Take part in an Open Mic night.
» Hang out at a dive bar.
» Play laser tag.
» Go to a comedy club.
» Bumper cars, anyone?!
» Take a cocktail class.
» Late night Walmart rally.
» Try indoor skydiving.
» Trampoline basketball is fun too.
» Take a night tour in a helicopter.
It's been a tough week and you and your friends do need some fun time and have a great night painting the town red. So, have fun, people!
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