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Give Life to Your Party With These Great Truth or Dare Ideas

Truth or Dare Ideas
Truth or dare is a great party game. This article has some fun truth or dare ideas that you can try out at your next party.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
You've invited all your friends and your boyfriend's friends and office colleagues over for a get-together. And you're all having an overall decent time. But what you feared, happened. Your friends are talking only to your friends and colleagues, and it's the same with your boyfriend's friends and colleagues. You're wondering what can you do to get things to become a little friendlier.
friends playing spin the bottle
To mix the people around. And that's when it strikes you. Truth or Dare! The ultimate party game for children and adults alike. And don't worry about what you'll be asking them, because given below are some awesome truth or dare ideas that you can use for any kind of party or gathering.
How to Play Truth or Dare
First let us see how to play this awesome game. You can prepare questions beforehand or divide the number of guests into two and ask one half to write truth questions and the other half, dares. Once this is done, put the questions in two separate tins. One marked 'Truth' and the other marked 'Dare'.
Sit in a circle, alternating males and females. Spin a bottle to see who starts and continues the game. When the bottle stops, the person whom the neck of the bottle is facing, has to answer a truth or dare question by the person whom the bottom of the bottle is facing. Once he's done answering or performing, he can either leave the game, or if he has the guts, continue.
Ideas for Adults
Well, now that you know how to play the game, let's get down to business. Given below is a list of questions. Mind you, these are only questions for adults. So do not use them at kiddie parties!
  • Do you actually brush your teeth before going to bed?
  • Do you still pine for your ex flame?
  • If you could slap someone in this room, who would it be?
  • Who do you think is the most good looking person (of the opposite sex) in this room? 
  • If you could spend one entire day as a person of the opposite sex, who would you like to date? (no celebrities allowed)
  • Have you ever flirted with your best friend's boyfriend/girlfriend just for the fun of it?
  • If you could pick one person from this room to never see again in your entire life, who would it be?
  • Arrange in order of importance to you, what you look for in your partner: looks, money, love, education.
  • Do you sometimes lie to your partner about where you are and what you're doing?
  • If a person you absolutely despise came up to you in need of financial help for a surgery that he or she requires, will you help him/her?
  • Hold hands with the person sitting 3 places to your right for the entire game, WITHOUT moving an inch.
  • Ask everyone to spit in a glass and drink it, with an expression of utter elation on your face.
  • Whenever the bottle spins from this turn onwards, you must get in the middle of the circle and do a different victory dance that lasts at least 5 seconds.
  • Whenever a new person enters the party, go up to him and insist on explaining the law of demand and supply to him/her.
  • Imitate a celebrity for the rest of the game.
  • The next time you have to go to the bathroom, you must ask each and every person present at the party for their permission.
  • Enact a kissing scene using a book.
  • Go to the next door neighbor and ask them to watch you perform 'I'm a little teapot!'
  • Ask 5 members of the opposite sex, in the circle, to go out with you on a date, in sign language. Each time, different signs must be used.
  • Every time a person gets up to pick up a chit, start howling like a wolf.
These were some good questions that can be used at a party or get-together, though you can tweak them or come up with many more of your own.
You can also prepare numerous questions for couples for an anniversary party. Or you can have a session of truth or dare with your boyfriend just for fun! Use these ideas to spice up a dull and boring party. Just make sure no one gets seriously offended by the game. If someone seems upset, then don't push it. Enjoy and let them enjoy!