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Unique Ideas for Centerpieces

Girija Shinde Oct 21, 2018
Bored of candles and flowers as centerpieces? Well, here we provide you some great and unique centerpieces ideas. Take a look.
A party does not look like a party until the venue has been decorated enough. Be it a wedding, a birthday, a baby shower, an anniversary, a reunion, or simply a get together. The decorations generally vary based on the occasion being celebrated, the theme, the venue, etc. Irrespective of all this, no decoration is complete without a centerpiece.
As the name suggests, centerpieces are obviously placed at the center of a dining table. But still, they manage to beautify the complete decor. It is one of the first things that guests notice once they enter the venue.
People are, of course, well aware of this fact which is why, you see beautiful centerpieces in every party. However, most of them are either made of flowers or candles, no doubt both of them are beautiful, however they have become too common now.

For Weddings

Ostrich Feathers

Did you know you could use these as centerpieces? Well, it is true, white ostrich feathers look beautiful as centerpieces. They come in many types, ranging from small fluffy to large and plume, you can choose any depending on your choice.
They are a little expensive, but are worth it. Imagine, beautiful fluffy white ostrich feathers in an illuminated tall vase, surrounded by dim light. Beautiful, isn't it! Generally, people prefer white feathers, however you can go for dyed centerpieces or even colored ones.


This is one inexpensive idea. Rocks may seem solid, unromantic, and boring, but the same rocks can be converted in beautiful centerpieces by adding a little dash of creativity.
Get them in different colors and sizes, fill decorative glass bowls with water, and place the rocks in them. Also place fresh flowers around the bowls. Place river rocks inside tall glasses, place a flower on the rocks, and a floating candle on top, it will surely attract a lot of attention!


Never thought of this one, did you? Book lovers will surely adore this, but even those who despise reading will love the quirkiness in the idea!
Depending on your choice, stack a few books together, tie them with a pink and blue ribbon, place a floating candle on them, and you are done! If you are not much into books, go for funny romantic mags or comics, the ones which are flashy. You can also place some wedding related bookmarks.

For a Baby Shower

Cloth Line

The one thing that is prominently visible in every household, after the arrival of a baby is the cloth lines with tons of washcloths and cloth diapers hanging! In fact, even strangers visiting the house for the first time, come to know that a particular household has a baby when they see an extra clothing line outside the house.
So why not make it a baby shower centerpiece! Simply tie a woolen thread to two tall glass vases and put cute little socks on them. Decorate the vases with flowers and ribbons.

Rubber Duck

Babies and rubber ducks have a special bond, so if you wish to make your baby shower unique, make use of these baby's best friends.
You do not need a lot of creativity here, simply take shallow bowls, fill them with water, place a couple of flowers in it and lastly float the rubber ducks on it. If you want to decorate it further, add small pebbles to it.

Teddy Bears or Dolls

This is one of the best ideas. You can have small teddies or cars if the baby is a boy and dolls or small makeup kits if the baby is a girl.
Choose the classic blue and pink colors for decorating the centerpieces, for example, you can place blue flowers around teddies and tie pink bows to the dolls!
So the next time you decide to organize a party at your place, choose any of the mentioned ideas and get ready to be praised for your creativity!