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Elegant Victorian Tea Party Ideas for an Old-styled Get-together

Victorian Tea Party Ideas
A Victorian tea party is often a fascination for those who are fond of an elegant and old-style get-together. Here are some vintage ideas for those who love to have tea, the classic way!
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Porcelain teacup―a status symbol!
You heard that right! Owning it signified a high social standing, so ladies in the Victorian times carried their own teacups to afternoon tea meets.
In many countries, a tea party is one of the most celebrated affairs. These parties include more than just a cup of tea! These get-togethers are elaborate in terms of décor, and everything is planned to perfection from the crockery used to the kind of decoration planned for the room.

In the olden days, there were many variations to the tea party. High tea was most popular amongst people who belonged to the upper strata of the society. At that time, people either conversed to socialize or used these parties to discuss business matters. Today, many people continue to follow this trend to delight guests and basically have an enjoyable time!

Victorian tea parties are quite popular amongst families who wish to have a celebration with friends, in a graceful way. It is a great way to socialize in style. If you are planning to host a tea party, then you can opt for a Victorian theme. Here are some ideas.
The Invites
Invitation Card
Invitation Card
First and foremost, make a count of the people you're inviting. Ideally, the invitations in the Victorian era were handwritten, but you could even type the information―date, time, venue, party details, or highlights―using a calligraphic font or an elegant cursive font. You can use laced fabric, paper dollies, dried flowers, etc., too for decorating your tea party invite. You also get vintage-styled cards available in stores or online, these days.
Womens Tea Party
Etiquette: You can mention the name of the hostess and the party attire in the invite.
✦ Dressing: For the ladies: Corsets, ankle-length skirts, hats with tule, bonnets, crocheted gloves, etc.
For the gents: Waistcoats, neckties, top hats
✦ The hostess of the party should receive all the guests by shaking hands, ask for taking refreshments, etc.
The Chief Guests
Tea Kettle With A Tea Cup
Tea Set
Cup Of Tea With A Cookie Biscuit
Porcelain teacup
Porcelain teacup
Well, well ... we're talking about the Tea Set! The crockery you select holds a lot of importance. Dainty and exquisite teapots with matching tea cups patterned with beautiful flowers are apt for the occasion. You can also look for ornate styles for the butter dishes, sugar bowls, serving trays, and even the napkin rings. All this will help recreate the charm of the Victorian era. Ornate silverware or even porcelain can serve for the occasion. You can visit many stores that have exquisite vintage-styled tea sets that are beautifully designed.
The Menu
Tea with menu
Tea with menu
Dessert Table With Pretty Cakes
Plan the menu for the tea party accordingly. Tea sandwiches made from fine and fresh bread, cut in triangular shapes, can have different fillings. Scones are a must for tea parties. Delicious scones (filling of your choice) are bound to be an instant hit with your guests. Yummy chocolate chip biscuits should not be forgotten! Another feature is the sumptuous teacakes or cupcakes (we have showcased Victorian cupcakes here). These are delightful visually and delectable to eat as well!
Décor and Party Supplies
Decoration light
Tablecloth and candle
Laced doily and vase
The styles of that particular era were ornate and elaborate. Hence, the setting would require you to choose objects and drapery that reflect the lifestyle of the people who lived back then. Flowers are needed to create the right setting. Roses with beautiful red ribbons will add to the beauty of the arrangements. Retro candles, lovely kerosene lamps, and antique vases are other décor items. For the table, you will need to choose tablecloths with lace or damask, doilies, pretty table napkins, napkin rings etc. The kind of napkins you have selected for the tea set should be synced with the tablecloth.
Spoonas and photos
You might provide top hats for men and hats with yards of tule for women to wear in the party, only with a twist that favor be given in the beginning! You can also gift your guests a set of demitasse spoons, anything in the ornate cutlery. If it's a grand party, you can also hire a photographer for capturing moments throughout the party. Have him click pictures in the vintage way, and gift them to your guests for coming and making your get-together special.
Don't forget to play soft, melodic background music throughout the event. Happy Partying!