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Mesmerizing Western Party Decorations

Madhura Pandit Sep 27, 2018
A western, country-themed party is a favorite among people of all age groups. If you are hosting a western party, then here are some party decorations ideas to create the perfect country appearance and make the party exciting and happening.
The country or the western party theme is very popular as it is a perfect idea for a birthday, anniversary or even a holiday party. Be it adults, youngsters or children, everyone loves to dress up like cowboys and cowgirls.
A real cowboy western party in a barn is almost incomparable. If a real barn is not feasible, you can even have a party in your backyard. You can decorate the surroundings accordingly to create a suitable atmosphere.

Party Invitations

You need to send out invitations that are creative and appropriate for the party theme. An exciting idea is to make a 'Most Wanted' card with the picture of the guest. Give special effects to the invitation by burning the edges. Secondly, buy cow bells or sheriff badges and write the names of your guests on it to make personalized party invitations.

Party Decorations

Old pieces of wood that are no longer in use are great for western party decorations. Make sign boards, props, etc., using old pieces of wood.
You can spread sawdust or scatter hay or straw bales on the floor. Place cacti, stones, and plastic reptiles along the path.
Old lamps, lanterns, and pillar candles can be used as party decorations. Light the fireplace if you have one, or alternately you can even have a bonfire.
You can have pictures of a farm, a sunset, western towns, etc. enlarged, printed, and hung in the background to create the ambiance.
You can also use 'Most Wanted' posters with the guests' photos.
For decorating the walls, you can make posters with crazy captions, pictures, horses, etc.
You can make use of cowboy accessories like cowboy hats, bandannas, and sheriff's badges. If it is a western theme birthday party, decorate the place with streamers and red balloons.
Make a cardboard door frame to create a 'saloon'. Use thick ropes to drape the walls or coil around pillars.
Tables can be decorated with checkered or bright red tablecloth. Use colorful wooden or metal tableware. You can also use paper plates with designs of a bandanna or a cowboy hat.
A barbecue is usually a must for a western party. You can have chicken, hotdogs, hamburgers, salsa sauces, chips, etc., on the menu. Chili or steak can also be good option. Make use of boot mugs to serve drinks.
Common party favors include cowboy hats and bandannas. Put on some country music and play party games around the fire. 'Horseshoes' is a popular game for such parties. You can even hire a country music band.
With these ideas, you can create a rustic environment and be ready to have some fun, in the country style!