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What Does An Open Bar Mean? Here's All That You Should Know

What Does An Open Bar Mean?
If you are invited for a party which specifies it has free booze, you would definitely make it a point to attend it, won't you? Being a host for an open bar party may not be as easy as it seems, and there are certain etiquette that attendees should also follow to make it a party worth giving.
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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018
Strike a note!
Open bar parties are supposed to serve free drinks, but be good guests and take a crate of beers or a bottle of wine along with you to add to your host's bar. It wouldn't cost you much, but yes, these few manifestations of courtesy will always be welcomed and remembered!
A lot of people love to drink alcohol at parties or functions. Some drink to enjoy, while some drink to relax themselves. Whatever the purpose might be, the right amount of alcohol is something that loosens you up a bit from your regular stiff lifestyle and takes you away from your tensions for some time at least. Parties are something everybody enjoys, but many a time, we refrain ourselves from going may be because it's the end of the month, and are pockets are not-so-filled for a drink or two (which never stops there ... usually exceeds to more than 3 or 4!). So, even if you really feel like having a glass of alcohol, you can't help it. But also there are many of us who love giving parties, and their idea of fun is to see others enjoy. Such great souls these people are! They give open bar parties―yes! Free alcohol! But the main focus should be on the reason that party is thrown. The host should be treated with respect, and booze should not be the sole reason for your attendance at that party. We are mature enough to take responsibility of ourselves and not become a dead weight at someone else's party.
What is an Open Bar?
An open bar is where a host wants to give his guests freedom to select their choice of alcohol (or the host's choice of alcohol; depends on the host and his budget) for which they don't need to pay, and can enjoy at the expenses of the host. (That was a formal definition.)

An open bar is where the host pays for all the alcohol, and the guests get wasted for free. Now this is what really happens.
Who Comes to an Open Bar?
An open bar is a great idea for close friends or for a formal conference. The host needs to be really selective of the kind of people he would invite for a party with free booze. People tend to get aggressive and demanding, once the alcohol 'high' kicks in. They should certainly be on that level of understanding that alcohol is for relaxing and enjoying, and not for getting completely wasted and becoming a burden on the host (specially at house parties, where all their mess is to be taken care of by one or few people). And trust us, even if they are creating trouble, you will be fine handling your close friends, but for the not-so-close friends with whom you might lose patience.

Open bars are also great for weddings or huge parties, where the host has many people to take care of his guests, a driver (who is in a sober state, obviously) to reach them home safely, and some to make sure nothing goes wrong in the party.
Types of Open Bars
Full bar - This bar contains all types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to choose from.

Open wine/beer bar - This bar will either serve you wine or beer or any one kind of drink for free.

Timed bar - This bar will serve you free alcohol for a specified time limit by the host for free. After that, guests are expected to pay for their orders.

Ticketed bar - This bar will serve you a limited number of drinks for free that the host has mentioned in the ticket he gives you.

All these options can be opted for according to the host's budget for his party.
Freedom of choice and freedom from money tension for the guests form the main criteria for open bars. They can order at any time the drink of their choice. And where there is free booze, there is more fun!
Throwing a free booze party and then bearing the tantrums of guests can be a little annoying! This is likely to happen, since alcohol makes people greedy for more, no matter how drunk they already are. They might become aggressive or nagging until they get their glass of alcohol, and create trouble for the host.

Also, a lot of alcohol gets wasted because people don't even finish their drink and get new ones. Specially when they know they don't have to pay for it, there's going to be no limit to their drinking.

So keeping all these things in mind, being selective of whom to invite to such parties is something for the hosts to think about.
Wisdom to the Wise
When you throw a party that involves alcohol, and you know that there might be troubles in your party, you should be very careful about the attendees as they become a liability to you. Take precautions for it!

If it is a huge party, tell your guests before the party starts, that after a limit, drinks shall not be served, so they don't create a scene with the bartender. Anything that might happen post party in an inebriated state of mind that might cause damage or nuisance to others can become a serious legal problem for the host. Make conveyance available for all them, so that you don't get into any kind of legal trouble.
Specially at an open bar party, where alcohol is unlimited and free, the above things should be taken care of beforehand.
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