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Wonderfully Perfect White Party Ideas No One Ever Gave You Before

White Party Ideas
White parties are one of the newer trends to make a headway in the social circuit. It's not just about the color though, there is something cool and sophisticated about white.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018
White parties - So. Much. Fun. The color is so classy that not much remains to be done. White parties started out in the 1970s, and one of the main reasons for the same was to highlight several issues like HIV and AIDS (which continues to be done even today). But in recent times, these parties have taken on a more universal appeal and people have adopted the color for party themes. It's exactly this theme that we will be concentrating on in the following piece. So for ideas on how to use the color white to its optimum, let's get into the varied themes and ideas that concentrate on the same.
All-white Party Themes
There are no dearth of ideas when it comes to white parties. The basis is simple -- everything in white and you're set. Let's get you some ideas then?
The Invites
White Invite
Let everyone know about the party with white invites. Let the theme make way right from the beginning. But of course, make sure to break the color with a touch of other shades, either a dramatically contrasting color, or a closer shade to white, like beige. Colors like gold and silver compliment white well. Experiment with color for the text as well.
white invitations
Choose light pastel shades for floral patterns
bird, sun, clouds
Nature themes are great options for white invites
beads, sequins
Use beads and sparkles to make white invites attractive
beads, pearls
All white invites can be made attractive by using elements in varying shades of white.
White snowflake ornament
So of course the décor has to be all white. That becomes important to set the mood of the party. The usual stands true - table covers and chair covers. Then there are the white flowers that you can bring in as well. But other than that, there are other things that offer a whole new perspective to the color white - things like white candles, white balloons or white china pieces even. Go a little creative for this one and find things to make a part of your décor. Again, don't let it turn into a bland white room. Use colors to block the whites and enhance the colors like so.
White star
Small White decorations should be used sparingly as they won't stand out in a white venue.
White roses
Various varieties of white flowers can be used to beautifully decorate a white party venue.
White balloons can create a fun atmosphere in a party, and is a welcome distraction for kids.
White decorations such as snowflakes can easily be made at home even by kids.
Clothes and Accessories
wearing a white shirt
Though it is understood that the dress code has to be strictly white, it is important to mention the same in the invitation card. Not many can pull off an all-white costume, so don't go in for one unless you are absolutely sure of carrying it off. The monotony of an all-white costume can be broken with a single accessory in a different color, like a headband, a tie or a headpin. If an all-whiter is not an option, you can use a single piece of the ensemble in the color white and then team it up with blue or cream pants.
woman in white
White casual clothing can be a good idea for an informal gathering.
White themed jewelry and accessories, with stones like opal or pearl are ideal for all-white parties
Lady in White
White clothing with one or two pieces of contrasting accessories should be used for good effect.
Party Foods
white cookie
Since the theme is white, it is inclusive of the food as well. Buttery cupcakes, cookies, and biscuits. Follow it up with other things essentially white like white chocolate-covered strawberries, risotto, chicken dishes, turkey, white corn, angel food cake, coconut cake and vanilla ice creams. As far as drinks are concerned, you can serve ginger ale, lemon sodas, piña coladas, martinis, and White Russians. Nothing like going all out with the color, right?
Snowflake cookies
Cookies in the shape of white objects such as snowflakes, polar bears, etc., with white icing
White cupcake
Decorate cupcakes with beautifully shaped white icing for maximum effect.
And there you have it, that's how you turn a regular party into a white party and make it a great one. Hope you have fun arranging for that party and your guests enjoy themselves thoroughly.