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Unleash Your Inner Hipster With Fun and Freaky White Trash Party

White Trash Party
A white trash party is probably the craziest sort of party that one can host or attend. It is a style of partying where acting classy and sophisticated is banned. Here we give you additional information about the same.
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Last Updated: Jul 20, 2018
Friends Fun In Lawn
White trash parties are the craziest form of partying one can think of. Well, at least I thought so when I attended a party that had this theme which was hosted by my friend. Well, public reaction―craziest and most enjoyable mode of partying.
You may have understood that the basic condition of such a type of party is thorough enjoyment without the bonds of being sophisticated and classy. Well then what do you do at the party? Behave like trash. Go crazy, dance as if out of control, be naughty, and also have tons of fun.
  • Easiest way to throwing a party
  • You don't need to mind any manners (does not mean that you misbehave, or act rowdy or do something unethical)
  • Cheap for the pocket of the host
  • Thorough enjoyment
  • Comfortable atmosphere
  • Also you do not need to worry about your looks too much
So, how can someone put this party together? Here's what you can do.
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A very important tip to make the trash party a success is to send out the party invitations to the people specifying the theme and dress code for the party. You would want your guests to come accordingly to ensure the success of your party.
Party Theme
First of all, you need to plan the details of the party or you will have everything going haywire. The following are the points that you need to consider while planning the party.
  • Venue of the party
  • Food
  • Furniture
  • Drinks
  • Music
  • Dress code
  • Party games
Party Decoration
The Party Is Not Over Yet
While planning out all these things, just remember to be absolutely 'cheap', as in monetary terms and also in terms of behavior. Get out your oldest and worst possible furniture and clothes, and do not bother to decorate.
One very good idea it to fill out a tub with ice and water in the yard and put in cans of soft and hard drinks (well this might cost a bit).
Dress Code
The most important aspect of the party is the dress code. Ask all your guests to wear the oldest possible jeans and shirts they have. You can also have a competition to see which is oldest jeans or the dirtiest shirt around (I won the award for the oldest jeans).
Happy Friends In The Park Cheering
Another very important aspect is the music. Well, make it sound like trash. Create a sequence of insane tracks of songs, put in about half a song with the help of different music software and create your CD. Just get everyone into the groove with the madness.
Party with friends during the match
The last part is the food for the party. Order the cheapest possible food in large quantities. Same goes for all the drinks.