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Beach Party Games to Let You Live Life Like There's No Tomorrow!

Beach Party Games
Time at the beach is all about fun and frolic. Here are a few beach party games to add to your fun!
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Beach party games are all about sand, surf, and day long soaking of the sun. Hitting the silver sand beach is one of the best things to do with friends on the weekend. Partying until the sun rises over the horizon and waking up, as the sun hits the sack over the dark blues skies into the ocean's belly, is one of the best beach party activities.
Games for Kids
What could have been a better place to be Jack Sparrow, than a beach! Perfect! Now that you have the best location for the game, here's how you play the game. Ever heard of treasure hunt? Good, it's the same. So, to make it look authentic have clues like 'How do we know which way to go? Look at the magnet and it will show', and bring in a treasure chest, full of chocolates, and some more goodies. Pirate Party and 'Building Castles (in the sand)' are some other games to consider! Instead of going in for fancy equipment for a sport at the beach, let your child explore his artistic side at the beach. Anyway, it is so much fun to be feel the silver sand, receding below as the salty water backwashes against your feet!
Games for Adults
'Fashion Wars' is an excellent beach game for adults, if you really want to experiment! Divide the guests into groups, and hand out scissors, newspapers, glue, and scotch tapes. Watch this experienced lot design their own clothes with print media's creations! 'Kiss' is another hit game amongst the young and the restless. Give out cards with numbers to girls and cards with alphabets to boys. You be the leader and call out a number and a name. The girl whose number is called must kiss the leader, while the guy whose alphabet is called must prevent the girl from kissing the leader. So, if the guy prevents the leader from getting kissed, the original leader is given the card and the guy with the alphabet becomes the leader himself.
Some Other Beach Game
Ball to Chin
Both the partners, a lady and a gentleman, have to hold a ball at their bellies and roll it up to their chin, without using their hands.
Pass the Ball
Line up a team and pass a ball as the music is playing. The person holding the ball when the music stops, has to do as told, by the remaining participants.
Truth 'n' Dare
The quintessential game of knowing the dark side never goes out of fashion. So, try out a few naughty truth or dare questions and dare ideas, to make the guests reveal their flip side!
Beach Volleyball
Beach volleyball is similar to volleyball. So, there are no explanations required here. Hire a volleyball and a net and game on!
Beach party games are fun, if you have a lot of guests attending the party. Thus, planning and execution have to be well done. Send out party invitations in advance, so that you know the number of people attending the party. This way, arranging the food and the playing equipment will also be easier. Avoid being in high spirits, when you are around the water, to avert any dangerous situations. Have fun!
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