Killer Beer Pong Team Names That'll Get the Party Going

Beer pong team names
Before you sign up for the game, you and your teammates need a killer name that'll intimidate your opponents. Let Buzzle help you come up with awesome and funny beer pong team names, and see how it boosts your team's morale.
Don't Blame the Game
Beer pong is an unsanitary game. During the game, high levels of bacterial family that contain species such as E. coli, pneumonia, and salmonella can be transferred from one person to another. So, do yourself and everyone else a favor―wash the balls between shots.
Beer pong is a fun drinking game where guys and girls can take part in. Although this article concentrates on beer pong team names, we'll skim over how this game is actually played.
How to Play
On a table, you place 6―10 cups filled with beer in the shape of a triangle. You take a ping pong ball, and try to get it across the table and inside one of the beer cups. The cups are assigned to the teams and if one team manages to get the ball in their cup, then that losing team has to drink the contents of the cup.
Good Team Names
Whenever you want to come up with team names, let that be clever, witty, or funny, you can take inspiration from everything. Take the game for example. You can concoct names from beer pong itself.
Now when it comes to girls, you've got to keep the names very flamboyant. Go with creative names that will showcase your personalities. Keep the names feminine and a bit sexy too. You're girls. That's what we do best.
Queens of B-Pong
Alco HoliChiksBeer It OnBeerkats
BloodSweat and BeersBrew-tang Clan
Chicks with BeersDesignated DrinkersDrink like Shaq
Here 4 CheersHot ChicksCold Beers
Kim Pong-ilPing Pong BeersRe-rack Attack
Sexy Beer ChuggersShake and ChugSize Matters
Smarty PintsSudsy BallzT-Pong
The AlcoholocaustWe Bounce 4 Beer
While searching for names, that too for guys, the funnier the names the better. Actually, some stereotype or clichéd names can work too. After all, it's about having fun at the party and your team name can make you famous. Imagine that!
Balls Of Fury
2 Big Beer Bellies2 Guys 4 BallsBad Breath Beers
Beer BurpeesBeer ChuggersBeer Pressure
Beer View MirrorsBeerack OpongaBeers and Sweat
Close ShaveDrinking for PleasureGin'll Fix It All
Guys and CupsJäger BombersJazzy Ballz
Lager BombersMmmmm BeerNo Pong Intended
Shoot like KobeSuper ChuggersTrey Pongz
When you want funny team names for couples, always think of both your personalities. This team can be either guy-girl, girl-girl, or guy-guy (hey, we don't discriminate). So you have to be very careful as to what it says about you as a team. I know that it's just a game, but when you are known by the name of your team, there's no point ruining it, right?
Here 4 Beer
2 Fast 2 BallsAlchohooligansAlco Holics
Beer GogglesBeer RaidersBeer-view Window
Chug-a-lugsDrink 182Drinking Buddies
Dumpster CupsEverybody DrinksFarfrompuken
Hot Dogs Cold BeersIntoxicated Love
Plastered PandasThat Was QuickThe Ponginators
Thirsty PlayerzTrash Talkin' DrinkersWe're Always Thirsty
Before selecting an awesome team name, be sure to discuss it with the other team member(s). This is a team and hence, it will be a team name. You can even combine couple of team names and come with a unique name altogether. Have fun playing beer pong and please, play and drink responsibly.