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Circus Party Invitation Wordings

Circus Party Invitation Wordings

The invitations you send out need to have information regarding the theme, food, drinks, activities, time, date, and venue. Read the article to find some helpful suggestions on what to write in circus party invitation cards.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
A party is nothing without amazing games, delicious food, and a promise to have the most fantastic time. When you think about circus themed party, you can almost hear the laughter of kids being entertained by the clowns and smell the cotton candy in the background. While organizing a birthday party can take some time and coordination, it isn't that difficult.

All you have to do is make a list of things to prepare for the party and get right down to it. You can turn your kid's birthday party in a circus carnival with crazy clowns, colorful balloons, and dancing elephants.
Invitation Wording Ideas
With all the enthusiasm of getting the invitations sent out, the actual words to write in the card can be hard to create. Although, the card will be a dead giveaway as to what the main attraction at the party would be, the wordings need to be just right to set the mood for your guests. The theme is fairly self-explanatory, and makes them get that much excited and look forward to.
Circus Birthday Invitation
Circus Tent Birthday Invitation
Come Clown Around
as we celebrate
(Name)'s 8th Birthday!
Step right up for the best show in town
balloons, games, prizes and even a Clown!
Join us at a Birthday Carnival Blast celebrations.
(Date and time for the party)
RSVP (Name and number)
Come one, Come All!
(Name)'s Big Birthday Carnival
Step right up
for the best show in town
balloons, games, prizes,
and even a Clown!
(Date and time for the party)
RSVP (Name and number)
Puppets, stories, songs and fun
Our little boy/girl is no longer one
(Name) is turning two
and we'd love to celebrate with you!
Join the fun at his/her birthday party
(Date and time for the party)
RSVP (Name and number)
The Latest Roar!
Friends from circus have gathered to say,
It's (Name)'s 1st ever Birthday!
Come join the fun this (Date of the party)
(Time) for Lunch and Cake
(Venue for the party)
RSVP (Name and number)
Any way you slice it,
(Name)'s turning 4.
So come to (Venue for the party)!
Please be his/her guest at a
Circus Birthday Bash!
(Date and time)
RSVP (Name and number)
We'll have clowns and cake
and balloons galore.
Trampoline, games, plus a whole lot more.
It's (Name)'s Birthday Bash!
(Date and time for the party)
RSVP (Name and number)
Round and Round and Round we go,
where the fun stops nobody knows!
Please join us in celebrating
(Name)'s Circus Birthday Party!
(Date and time for the party)
RSVP (Name and number)
Once you've decided where to host the party, decided on the party supplies, and arranged for the food, it's time for you to send out the invitations.

The invitations need not be formal, as the theme itself suggests you to "clown around" a bit. Circus is a place where imaginations run wild, and that's exactly what the kids are going to get at the fabulous party. Your invitations are going to bring magic, fun, laughter, and merriment to the kids, as well as their parents.