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Pajama Party Games That are So Effing Good You'll Just Lose It

Pajama Party Games
What's a pajama party without any fun games for entertainment? Check out these exciting pajama party games you can suggest your kids to play...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018
A slumber party is headed your way,
We'll stay up late and have loads of fun.
Watch movies all night and eat candy,
Play and laugh till our eyes become heavy.
You don't want to miss this party,
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Hosting a pajama party for preteens or teenagers is a great way to invite all their friends from school and the neighborhood for some fun. I know that at times, these sleepover parties can be a bit too much; sending out the invitations, planning and buying the food, organizing games, and then keeping an eye on the kids so they don't get into any trouble. Yes! It is a bit tough. However, not impossible.
Whether the party is for boys or girls, the portion of laughter and hullabaloo lasts for a long time. Everyone looks forward to having loads of fun with each other and getting away from doing homework for a change. Kids love all kinds of games for pajama parties and are sure to be entertained and energized, when you coordinate fun activities for them, on the occasion. If you're organizing a party for your child and are looking for some slumber party games, this article is just for you. We have a variety of pajama/slumber/sleepover games which can be organized in very little time and are fun to play.
Games for Girls
I don't really like to distinguish between boys and girls, but the point is, there are certain games that girls like to play (more than boys do). It really isn't something I have invented or anything; just how things are. Once everyone has eaten and are now in the mood to play some fun games, you can bring out the party hats and begin. And since you are hosting an "all girls" slumber party, then perhaps the following games can be played.
Prom Dress ~ Girls love fashion and a great way to introduce that to the party is by draping toilet paper prom dresses. For this game, divide them in two equal groups and give at least four rolls of toilet paper to each group. One of the girls will be the model, whereas the other girls will use the rolls to drape the prom dress on her. The hostess or the parent can be the judge for the game to determine who's prom dress is the best. You can give prizes such as makeup, candy, or ice cream to the winning team.
Pass Along ~ Have the girls sit close together while making two equal lines. The girl in the front of each line gets the chance to roll a die. Keep rolling the die till they score a six. Once they do, have them pass a pillow or teddy bear to the girl sitting behind her. Keep passing the pillow till it reaches to the girl sitting in the end. The last girl will get up and run forward to get the pillow back in the front. Whichever group's girl got the pillow in the front first, will sit in the front of the line. The other one will go back to her original place. Whichever group finishes a full rotation first, wins.
Remember This ~ To play this game, you need to place at least 10 different items in a basket and have everyone memorize them. After about 30 seconds, ask the girls to write down the items they remember seeing in the basket. The one with the most items recognized wins those items.
Colored Nails ~ Gather at least 10 to 12 different nail polish colors and have the girls sit in a circle. Similar to "Spin the Bottle" game, spin one bottle at a time. When the bottle stops spinning and the cap is pointed at one girl, she has to paint one fingernail with that color. And so the game keeps moving ahead. At the end, all the girls will have different colored fingernails.
Games for Boys
You have all the party supplies and foods ready for the occasion, and all you need to do, before the guests arrive, is to plan the games. Sit with your kid, if he/she is old enough to decide on their own, and give him some game ideas. Or, if you didn't find enough time to come up with the games on your own, then what are you waiting for. Go through the following games now.
Cartoons ~ One of the best games to play at a pajama party for boys is when they get to talk about cartoons. Grab some paper and pencils (depending on how many boys there are), and have the kids sit on the floor with them. The object of the game is to list as many cartoons or cartoon characters they can think of. Set the time for a minute and let the game begin. Whoever got the maximum number of cartoons written, wins the game.
Scavenger Hunt ~ For the more mature kids, a scavenger hunt around the house can work up an appetite. Lay the clues around the house, making sure nothing breaks or ruins while they search for them, and prepare maps of the house for guidance. Divide them in two groups and set them free. Whichever team manages to finish the hunt, wins. You can even alter the game a bit by giving them tougher clues that includes math (this way, they get to learn a bit too).
Who's There? ~ Take 2 alarm clocks and set the timer to go off in a minute. Have everyone close their eyes and hide the alarm clocks around the house. Make sure that no one can see it. When the alarms go off, the boys have to hunt for them and find their location. Whoever can, wins.
Clothes Pins ~ Clip 10 clothes pins on each player's clothes, but only on the back. Everyone will stand in the room and when the whistle blows, they have to try to get each other's clothes pins. There will be no pulling or fighting while playing the game. When you successfully take someone else's clothes pins, clip them onto your own pajamas. The person with the maximum clothes pins wins.
Pajama parties or slumber parties help teach your kids about teamwork and its importance. Making friends isn't always easy for some kids. And such parties give them a chance to open up and make new friends without having to be shy or feel awkward. It's a fun way to bring kids together and give them some relaxation from school and homework.
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