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6 Fabulous Class Reunion Activities for the Best Rendezvous Ever!

Class Reunion Activities
Class reunion activities are the best way of getting close to your beloved friends like never before. Read on for more amazing reunion ideas.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Mar 17, 2018
Group of friends playing spin the bottle at the beach
Erich Segal's The Class, talks about lives, loves, learning, and losses of five friends. They all pass out from Harvard in 1958 and reunite 25 years later, only to make quite a dramatic union. No matter how big the gap of separation is, class reunions don't really need reasons. The point of having class reunions is to bring the lost friends together, to mend the broken hearts, double the joys, get nostalgic, and have plain and simple fun. Class reunion activities will make your reunion more than memorable this year with these party games.
Ice Breakers
For this activity, you will need a bubble gum, toothpicks, and index cards for everybody. Make your friends chew the gum for 10 minutes and then make them place it on the index card. Every participant has to make a design on the gum with the toothpick. The one with best design gets the prize. You could even have prizes like 'most creative design', 'most ugly design', and so on. Another fun class reunion activity is a treasure hunt. This will involve making teams and interacting, which will also ease the atmosphere.
Photo Competition
Everyone attending the party must get a childhood photograph with themselves. Pool in the photographs in a bowl and then pick them one by one, while the audience guesses them.
Naughty Truth or Dare
We've all played this game at some point of time in our lives. This time let's try a little variation. Get naughty with your friends, who have been missing for so long. Ask them real naughty truth or dare questions, to know the juicy details of their lives during the 'gap of separation'.
Memory Teaser
Sit in a circle and then get up in turns. The first person to get up will narrate an interesting anecdote from the college or school time. Let everyone get up turn by turn, recounting an anecdote. At the end of it, surely 'the class' will be rolling on the floor with laughter!
Fish Pond
If you could never propose to your childhood crush, here's your chance! To play this game you'll need a place and blank notes of paper for everyone. Give the blank notes to everyone. And ask them to write what they feel about certain friends. Pool in the notes and read them one after the other. It is the perfect way of saying thank yous and sorry.
You Think You Know it All?
For this game write down the names of the attendees and gather them in a hat or a bowl. Each person has to pull out a name. All long, each person must try to find out a secret from the person whose name they have selected. The secret has to be the one which no one else knows. At the end of the party, disclose the secrets. This could be a fun way to reminisce the bygone days.
Reunions bring back the old memories full of laughter and love. These fun activities will make all of you look back at your younger times with fondness. Such moments are special, so let the reunion help you get closer with your friends like never before!