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Beautifully Wild Party Themes for Girls to Go Crazy For

Party Themes for Girls
Planning to throw a party for your girl? Here are some great party themes, that are sure to jazz up your parties.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
"Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what girls are made of!"
Planning a party for girls can be a creative and fun experience. Long gone are the days when parents organized a party in the backyard and guests feasted on hotdogs and cakes. Today, birthday parties have become elaborate with unique party themes, decorations, cakes, and party invitations to match the theme. There are a wide variety of themes which can be fashioned to suit the quirky needs of your party girl. So, for all those girls who love their fairytales, plan a party where all her fairytale characters can come to life, or for your little Hannah Montana fan, throw a Hannah Montana party complete with decorations, party favors, and not to forget the karaoke for tuning into the favorite Hannah Montana songs. So what are you waiting for? Choose a great theme and watch the girls groove on!
Cool Party Themes for Girls
Whether you are planning to host a birthday party, for your little angel or your teen diva, here is a list of some rocking birthday party themes that are perfect for girls.
Tinkerbell Party Theme: There may be loads of party themes for little girls, however, I completely love the cute Tinkerbell theme, made specially for the little angels. You can have the birthday girl dress up in a cute tutu dress with butterfly wings. Decorate the party place with butterflies and decorated lanterns to bring alive the fairytale. In addition, you can find Tinkerbell party cups, invitations, and loot bags featuring the cute Tinkerbell in a green dress with a pink background and flower designs.
Ballerina Party Theme: Which little girl would not want to dress up as a pretty ballerina for her birthday bash? Turn up the birthday girl into a ballerina princess, and have fun decorating the party with pink and white colors. Simply add some white and pink balloons and use pretty pastel streamers for the perfect look. Team this up with other ballerina party supplies like tableware, personalized banners, and party favors such as ballet bag tags.
Beach Party Theme: A beach party idea lets you bring the excitement and fun of the surf and sand, to your backyard. So, slip on those funky flip-flops and grab the surfboard girls! Charting creative invitations for your beach party theme can be real fun. You can use plastic foot thongs for the invitation. Just have the information written on the soles, and then drop into a large envelope! Your beach theme decorations can feature beach chairs, kiddy pools, lawn sprinkler, beach balls, sand pails, shovels, and hula hoops. Decorate the room in colors like sky blue and white, and make unique party favors by filling in goodie bags with beach balls, sand pails, squirt fish, sunglasses, bubbles, and squirt guns.
Camp Rock Party Theme: Choosing themes for teenage girls need not be a pain anymore with the great camp rock party theme, featuring unique decorations and props and the amazing performance stage! Provide some fun hair items and scarves with "Camp Rock" written on them. Purchase karaoke CDs of the best camp rock songs and have your teens humming along.
Spa Party Theme: For hosting a spa party, you could stock up on items, that can be used to give each other manicures, pedicures, and even facials. This allows you to enjoy the feel of a resort vacation, getting massages, facials, etc. You can decorate the invitations with cutouts of spa masks, nail polish, and hair accessories. For the party favors, you can use hair clips, spa stickers, play makeup, spa masks, and small dolls.
So, whatever be your choice of party theme, make sure that you choose a theme that your girl would absolutely love and the one that fits your budget. A good idea is to sit down with your daughter and start brainstorming for the best party ever!
Three young happy women with face masks at spa resort
Girl in ballerina dress
Tutu dress with butterfly wings.