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Brilliant Ideas to Make Your Class Reunion an Event to Remember

Class Reunion Ideas
Class reunions are the perfect opportunity to have a rendezvous with the past and meet all your school friends. This article helps with some ideas for the same.
Kritika Parwani
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
School years are the most memorable time in every person's life. These were the times when you were carefree, made friends for life, giggled over silly jokes, played pranks, and cried over your grades. As time passes by, you lose contact with your friends and get busy in the "real world" with your jobs and families. And then one day, you find your old yearbook, which refreshes all your memories and you decide that it is time for a class reunion. A class reunion is a perfect opportunity to bring together all friends and classmates for a trip down memory lane. If you are planning one, then you have to make it a night to remember.
For planning a successful one, it is important to start early. This is important as you will have to locate all your classmates and send class reunion invitations. It always helps if you have a group along with you to plan the reunion. The most important step in the planning is to come up with a theme that ensures that everyone has a lot of fun, and takes home lots of memories.
Some Ideas
The following are a few ideas for class reunions that are creative and fun.
Graduation Theme
What can be a better class reunion idea then having a graduation theme? This is one of the perfect 10 year class reunion ideas. The party hosts can wear black robes and caps, and if possible you can give out black robes to all the guests as they walk in. Hand out returning to school diplomas to guests by calling them on the stage just as in a graduation. This will make it more fun and will help put a face to everyone's name. Have the D.J. play the class song before the party ends. Also, to continue the theme, as party favors, you can give out key-chains with the class year on them or even school jerseys with the year of the class on them. For this theme, one of the best class reunion decorations ideas is to have balloons and streamers in school colors.
Then And Now
The then and now theme is another great idea. For this, you will have to plan ahead and ask all the guests to e-mail their present day pictures. Then, you can remove pictures of each student from the yearbook and put both the pictures together, either in the form of a collage or individually all over the room. All the guests can walk around and be astounded by the transformation that everyone has undergone, from the time of graduation till the reunion. If you want to make it really fun, then each guest should be given a yearbook photograph of someone, and then asked to look for the person who is in the photo.
Retro Theme
A retro theme is one of the most fun class reunion ideas. This theme will allow the guests to be transported to the good old times. You can ask all the guests to be dressed-up in the clothes of their era. Think capris, bell bottoms, tie, dyed t-shirts, and large sunglasses. Decorate the party with plenty of balloons and streamers in neon colors like pink, orange, and lime green, peace symbols, smiley faces, and mod-flowers. If you are going for a disco theme, do not forget the disco ball. Ask the D.J. to play the songs that were most popular, when you were in high school.
Class Reunion Awards
Awards are like a tradition for class reunions, which definitely cannot be missed. The following are a few award ideas that will definitely have everyone in splits.
  • Most gray hair
  • Least hair (prize - a comb)
  • Most kids (prize - a bottle of aspirin)
  • Most exciting or interesting job
  • Lives closest to the school (prize - a world map)
  • Most dangerous job (prize - a will kit or visit to local attorney)
  • Most or highest number of degrees (who couldn't stop going to school?)
You can use your creativity to come up with ideas that have a special meaning for your class. So, go ahead and try these ideas to make your class reunion a night to remember and don't forget to hire a photographer to capture the memories.
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