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Effingly Crazy College Party Themes That You Definitely Wanna Use

College Party Themes
What kind of place would college be if there were no parties involved?! So in keeping with that great thought, here's to some grand ideas for college theme parties. Enjoy!
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Bored of flocking to the same old-same old college parties? Looking for some new ways to host that party and up the fun quotient? How about you look into some new themes, something that you've never done before? That's what we are doing in this following piece then, giving you ideas for some unique college party themes. Let's show them how it's supposed to be done―with a lot of fun and laughs.
Funny College Party Theme Ideas
Where would the fun be in something if you couldn't have a laugh about it. In testimony of that emotion then, here are some funny themes that you can use.
ABC Party
This one stands for 'Anything but clothes'. Get creative. Invoke the muse from up above. Think back to Adam and Eve and simply go crazy with this one. Think of something out of the ordinary. Paper, leaves, paint, jewelry, coconut husks, garbage bags, or maybe pull an Alanis Morissette fast one, a la 'Thank You' video and do it with just your hair?
'Come As You Are' Party
This one's a real knee-slapper idea. One of the guests makes a round to each of the guest's dorm rooms and tags them. And whatever the person is wearing at that point of time, sticks. So if you're in shorty-shorts and are done shaving with one half of the face, guess what?―you have to come exactly like that. Imagine the assortment of states people will show up in! To make things more interesting, click a snap of each of them when you tag them, and see who comes closest to replicating that look at the party.
'Switch the Gender' Party
Guys dress up as girls. Girls dress up as boys. Simple? Try it and you'll know what it involves. Make it more interesting by trying to don on the personalities of the other. For example, if you come as a couple, then emulate not only their dressing styles but also their mannerisms. Then have a ramp walk and watch the others fall down in splits of laughter! This one can be funny if it isn't taken to the slapstick levels of dressing up and going over-the-top with the acting.
'Dare You' Party
Remember the game 'Truth or Dare'? Take inspiration and have an only-dares party game. Make sure they are extremely quirky and funny dares. For example:
  • Seduce a stranger
  • Fake an orgasm while talking to a random stranger.
  • Order for a glass of wine without using any of these words―liquor, alcohol, beer, drink, glass, shot...
Other Themes
Timeline Party
Have a timeline party. Zero in on a time period, like the 70s, 50s or 90s and then fill the party with everything that is suitable to that time period. The clothes, music, language. Always a great hit.
'Around the World' Party
Have the party room divided into separate segments for different countries. Make each section come alive with the alcohol and party food that is served in that country.
'Arabian Night' Party
Design the room to look like an Arabian joint, with curtains, hookahs, and flowing music. Then dress up like Aladdin and Jasmine.
Foam Party
This one's a lot of fun. Have the room filled with foam up to your waist and then waddle through it. Spruce it up with some games for more effect.
Casino Party
This is one of the most fun party ideas, really. Arrange for cards and game chips and have a blast.
Wasn't that fun? Don't you want to just start planning a party today? So what are you waiting for then? Pick one theme from these party themes and throw the best parties ever!
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Hookah in interior. Smoking room. Relaxation and resting place
Belly dancer
Tomboy - Woman dressed up as man
New Year Party